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Where to go for a holiday in July: options for an unforgettable vacation

For any person vacation is a long-awaited andthe desired. And when the rest period from work, routine and everyday household chores falls for the summer, no one has any doubts about how to spend a vacation - one must necessarily go to another city or country to relax, change the situation, relax and get a charge of vivacity and positive.

The most popular summer holiday is July. However, when choosing a vacation option, the question often arises, where to go to rest in July. Consider the most popular summer vacation options.

1. Rest in warm countries: beach, sea and enjoyment.

In July for a long-awaited holiday at sea there is nono restrictions. If you have long dreamed of visiting European beaches, July is a great time for fans of the heat, and for those who would like to avoid the heat. The first can go to the Mediterranean countries: Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal. For the latter, such countries as Bulgaria (Black Sea), Montenegro and Croatia (Adriatic) are ideally suited. In July, it is not recommended to go to African countries, because at this time there is extremely hot.

But do not forget about the possibility of rest inRussia and Ukraine. Domestic resorts - Anapa, Gelendzhik and Sochi - receive a large number of tourists in the summer. In addition, deciding where to go to rest in July, it is worth paying attention to the resorts of Crimea: Feodosia, Sudak, Yalta and Sevastopol. It is noteworthy that these cities are not only high-class sea resorts, but also cities with a rich history and cultural program. In conclusion, we note that rest on the Black Sea coast allows you to choose a place of residence to taste: it can be a hotel, a boarding house or a sanatorium, and the private sector.

2. Excursions and educational tours.

Where better to go to rest in July, if there isthe desire to see the world, to get acquainted with cities and countries, to see something interesting, unusual, fascinating? It's simple! Daylight saving time is a wonderful and successful time for visiting the countries of Central Europe. However, it is worth remembering that the weather is unpredictable, and at any time the temperature can be set at a mark above +28 degrees. Therefore, if you want to take a child on a trip, it is very good to weigh all the pros and cons, since even the long-awaited trip to Disneyland can be overshadowed by a debilitating heat.

Countries in Europe, where it is better to rest in July andto go sightseeing, is Scandinavia. Of course, in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, hot weather can be established, but, as a rule, this is a short-term phenomenon. In addition, it is worth remembering that these countries are located near the ocean, which means that the air there is always fresh. Bus tours, ferry trips, rest on the fjords - everything is available for tourists in the Scandinavian countries.

Do not forget about the combined tours.Such trips combine cognitive excursions and rest on the beach. Most of these tours are offered in the Mediterranean countries: Italy, Greece, Spain. Indeed, it is difficult to choose the best option, where to go to rest in July, to see the world and to luxuriate on the beach.

3. Rest in Russia.

Do not forget about the possibility of rest inRussia, where in many regions in the midst of summer there is a beautiful and not very hot weather. The most popular for many years are excursion tours around Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as the Golden Ring, Novgorod and Pskov, the Volga region. Unusual tourist camps are located in Karelia and Lake Seliger, where the unusual nature and many attractions amaze tourists. For active recreation, a trip to the Altai, to Lake Baikal, as well as to the Urals or Kamchatka is suitable.

So, thinking about where to go to rest in July, focus only on your desires: choose what you like, and go!