/ Where to go in June for an excellent holiday?

Where to go in June for an excellent holiday?

With the approach of summer and the long-awaited vacationmany start to wonder: where to go in June, where to rest? In most countries, in the early summer, the beach season is already open, and the weather favors rest. You can spend your vacation in Turkey, which is so beloved by Russians due to the democratic ratio of "price-quality". And you can tan on the beaches of Morocco, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Montenegro or Croatia. Someone, perhaps, will be interested in excursions to European countries.

where to go in June

Relax on the beach

If you are attracted to beach holidays, in July youYou can visit, besides the listed countries, in Egypt, Sicily, Crete or Mallorca. All these places are good because passive beach holidays in June can be combined with an extensive excursion program. In addition, this month there will not be a large influx of holidaymakers.

In June, almost all the resorts in Europe the weather is excellent. However, the sea is not yet heated up everywhere. Choose hotels with spacious heated pools.

Perhaps you do not want to leave Russia andwant to rest exclusively on the beaches of the Black Sea? In June, the weather here is not always equal. There are also rains. However, you can carefully study weather reports and choose the warmest and sunny days for recreation. Book your train tickets in advance, because you will hardly be able to do it by June.

What do you think is the most commonthe Russians' answer to the question of where to go abroad in June? Of course, to Turkey! This is the country with the most affordable prices for Russians. In addition, the most attractive is a family holiday in Turkey. In June, the holidays began for children. Especially good for holidays with children is the resort of Belek, where there are a lot of eucalyptus and cedar forests, as well as beaches with fine sand. There are no jellyfish in the sea. Most hotels with children's pools, slides, animation. June is an ideal month for rest in Turkey, as people are still few, prices are low (compared to July-August), the weather is warm.

holiday in Turkey in June

To fans of excursions

In the beginning of summer excursion tours onall over Europe, so the question of where to go in June with the cognitive program does not even arise. You can choose any one country to visit: France, Germany, the Czech Republic, etc. And you can drive around the major cities of several countries. Many tourists choose routes with a visit to Prague, Paris, London. In June, it's not hot, so the bus journey will not be tiresome.

Sea and river cruises

Lovers of the sea can answer in their own way, wherego in June. Without a doubt, they will choose cruises in the Mediterranean with a visit to Italy, France, Turkey, Greece or sea voyages around the Baltic, Scandinavian countries.

In the beginning of summer you can go on a river cruise.The rivers at this time are most full, and on their shores are green forests and meadows. For such a trip it is not necessary to go far abroad. Unforgettable cruises along the Volga, the Don, and the Dnieper will be unforgettable.

For active holidaymakers

For those who do not want to just lie on the sand andbasking in the sun, June will also prepare its surprises. So, where to go in June to extremals? Yes around the world you can find entertainment to your taste! For example, kayak lovers can learn relatively calm rivers of Siberia, the middle belt of Russia or Western Europe. And for the supporters of risk and danger, alloys on inflatable boats on mountain rivers, rafting tours in India or Nepal are ideal.

beach holidays in June

June is the beginning of summer, and so you want thismonth was remembered for a long time! Do not sit in a stuffy apartment, but go on nature. Where to go in June, you decide. It can be a suburban dacha, the Black Sea coast or the beaches of Turkey, Bulgaria, Tunisia. The main thing is that the rest was spent with benefit for your health and brought a lot of new impressions!