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Naples: beaches outside the city

Near the western coast of Italy is the beautiful Italian city of Naples. According to an ancient legend, the body of Parthenopus nymph was found in the place where this city was founded.

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It is contrast not only in its location:The city is washed by the waters of the Gulf of Naples, where stands the majestic and dangerous Vesuvius. Here, modernity is intertwined with eternal antiquity, rich villas are concentrated and there is a danger of meeting closely with street thieves and smugglers.

Impersonation of Italy

Naples is surrounded by eternal passions and brings them down -together with the national hospitality - on the guests and tourists. Even those who live in other regions say that the true spirit of Italy is concentrated in Naples. We also witnessed this, when Sophia Loren herself showed us from the screen the exact image of the Italian and Italian style of life. Here, in the streets, laundry dries, you can observe "debriefing" between fervent Italian women.

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Outside the city

Although it is near the water of Naples, beaches inthe city limits are absent. The coast is mostly rocky and seldom when you can find sand. For vacationers suitable coves, which are located a little further, and you can get to them on the water, using a boat. But such a walk will open a beautiful view of the coastal rocks.

Hotels that abound in Naples have beaches.But not all are a classic option. For example, when booking a hotel, you should find out if it is on a rock. Otherwise, tourists can be invited to go down to the beach in the elevator. By the way, it is possible that climb back to the hotel room will have to winding and uncomfortable rocky paths.

Basically the beaches of Naples are outsidecities. They can be reached by ferry, train or bus. Fans of beach holidays during the swimming season are waiting for specially organized routes.

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Be sure to visit Ischia

In 40 kilometers from the city there is an islandIschia, which is considered the largest in the Gulf of Naples. Here is the Aragonese Castle, standing on the hill of a separate islet, and other attractions. Tourists await a picturesque panorama: vineyards and citrus groves. Here are concentrated small bays and sandy beaches: Chiaia, Citara.

On the island there are parks of healing andrecovery of the body called "Thermal." Arriving in Naples, the beaches of Ischia should be included in the list of planned places of visits. Naturally, you can get there by ferry, which runs every 30 minutes. Why should I? Because it is here that you can enjoy a pleasant vodka in the thermal pool, even when it's cool outside.

Positano - a paradise for tourists

If you have already arrived in Naples, whose beachesquite original, sure to go to Positano, located just 60 km. Here is located Spia Grande - pebble beach, which, however, always a lot of people. But in Fornillo, which is distinguished by sand of volcanic origin, on the contrary, people are relatively few. It is Positano Italians consider one of the most romantic places not only in Italy, but also in the world.

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Do not be afraid of the fact that the beaches of Naples (photo above) - a peculiar phenomenon, but there are many attractions and characteristic for the "new city" features.