/ / Here you will find a short summary of Turgenev's "Biryuk"

Here you will find a short summary of Turgenev's "Biryuk"

Turgenev's brief
Story IS.Turgenev "Biryuk" was written in 1848. He became one of many works of the author from the series "Notes of a Hunter". The main heroes of this cycle were peasants, whom the writer portrayed not as the usual gray mass, but as soulful, in his own talented and thinking people. Description in the series is from the first person. Here is a brief summary of Turgenev's Biryuk.

In the log cabin hut

The local nobleman, inveterate hunter Petr Petrovichwas returning from the hunt one late at night. Suddenly, a thunderstorm began, and he had to hide under a bush to hide from the storm. In the light of lightning, he saw a tall figure of a stranger. It was the local forester Foma, who in the district was called a "wagon". He suggested that Petro Petrovich walk up to his hut to wait out the storm. Hunter agreed, and soon they were standing in front of a small house surrounded by a vast fence. In the corner of the room hung a cradle in which the baby was sleeping. She was rocked by a twelve-year-old girl. From the eyes of a nobleman did not escape the fact that, in this appearance, the landlady was not here. All around was complete poverty. Even the brief content of Turgenev's "Biryuk" causes readers a keen sense of pity for the people who are left below the poverty line.

Description of the main character

Turgenev worm

Pyotr Petrovich examined the forester carefully.His face was severe and manly. This look gave him big brown eyes, looking from under his brows, and a thick beard. From acquaintances, a nobleman often heard stories about this man. He was feared, like fire, by all the surrounding muzhiks. It was impossible to bribe the forester. He was unusually strong and clever. Descent did not give anyone. From his forest it was impossible to carry even the bundles of brushwood. For non-accessibility, he received the nickname Biryuk. The knock of an ax he could hear for tens of miles. Most of all, I am struck by the incorruptibility and inflexibility of a simple poor man, as Turgenev described it in his story. "Biryuk" (the summary can not hide this fact) is a work that allows you to look into the original and outlandish world of the forester.

The capture of a thief

a short summary of Turgenev's story

Suddenly, the forester heard the sound of an ax.He grabbed his gun and rushed into the forest. Pyotr Petrovich followed him. Soon the nobleman opened such a picture: on the ground is a felled tree, and Biryuk connects the hands of a thief. He was a skinny peasant in rags and a disheveled beard. Pyotr Petrovich stood up for the poor fellow, promising to pay for the tree. He asked Foma to release the peasant. The perseverance and inflexibility of the nature of the forester can convey even a brief summary. Turgenev's "Biryuk" is a work about amazing properties and customs that are inherent in a simple people.

Unexpected act of the forester

For all Petro Petrovich's requests, the forester answeredsilence. The summary of Turgenev's story "Biryuk" conveys the fullness of the contradictions that are being created at this moment in the soul of the main character. Probably, two feelings were struggling in him: pity for the poor man and the inability to sacrifice one's principles. A man who has muddled about being released, suddenly changes in his face and starts shouting curses at the forester's address. He calls him an animal. Biryuk, a little hesitant, lets the poor man go home.

You read the summary of Turgenev's Biryuk. The work is small and easy to read. Therefore, I advise you to read it in full.