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An interesting fact from the life of Lermontov. What was really a great poet?

Почитатели русской классики знают Михаила Lermontov as a very talented poet, a follower of Pushkin, a fighter for justice, an ardent opponent of autocracy and slavery. But few people wonder what kind of person the world-famous writer really was, how he was treated by the environment, whom he loved, and whom he hated. Contemporaries of the writer did not really like him, the premature death of Mikhail Yuryevich in a duel did not upset anyone, and Tsar Nicholas I generally said: "A dog is a dog's death."

an interesting fact from the life of Lermontov
Appearance and character of the poet

The appearance description is an interesting one.fact from the life of Lermontov. The writer was short in stature, had crooked legs, a big head, an ugly face, and kyphosis. At a young age, Mikhail Yuryevich began to go bald, and an accident while riding a horse also made him lame. To the physical disabilities should also add his untidiness. The writer did not care about personal hygiene, very often he changed his shirt only after his friends were tearing it on him, before the clothes were dirty and foul-smelling.

Unpleasant appearance affected the characterthe poet. An interesting fact from the life of Lermontov: he was merciless to the weaknesses of other people, did not know how to make small talk, spoke boldly and caustically, behaved arrogantly, did not forgive anyone for personal offenses. Contemporaries christened Mikhail Yuryevich as an ignoramus, an unpleasant type, “a bad person who will never respond well to anyone”, “a gall, a spoiled and angular creature”. Due to the complex nature of the writer, in his short life, he happened to visit 3 duels.

interesting facts from the life of Lermontov
Food Discretion and evil jokes

Excessive love of food and the absence of allsense of proportion is another interesting fact from the life of Lermontov. The poet was so voracious that he ate absolutely all the dishes served to the table, very often leaving his friends hungry. If he saw his favorite dish, then with a laugh and a shout, he would rush at him and thrust a fork into the most appetizing pieces. Once friends decided to play a trick on Mikhail Yuryevich and ordered him to make cakes with sawdust for him. After a long walk, he got so hungry that he ate one bun and started on another one until his comrades stopped him, showing inedible stuffing.

Interesting facts from the life of Lermontov concern andhis communication with people around him. Because of his ugly appearance, the poet could not be liked by women, so he agitated their imagination and seduced him, putting on a mysterious and gloomy look, draping into Byronism. At secular receptions, the writer always stood aside, choosing a sacrifice, which was then directed at a piercing, poisonous look. His black eyes confused even the men, and the women generally fled.

facts from the life of Lermontov
Fatal facts from the life of Lermontov

Mikhail Yuryevich had a reputation as a very unlucky personthe harbingers of tragedy and the shadow of failure darkened the life of the poet. He was left without parents early, brought up by his grandmother, the rest of his relatives were hostile to him. Even at birth, the midwife suddenly said that the boy would not die a natural death. Mikhail Yurevich lost in all contests and gambling. Another interesting fact from the life of Lermontov: the writer visited the fortuneteller Kirchhoff, and she predicted a quick death.

Anyway, Mikhail Yuryevich remains one of the most talented Russian poets.