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The summary of the contents of the "Teachings" of Vladimir Monomakh: the truth from the sage from the past

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Many information about the life of Kievan Rus we drawfrom the chronicles, which the monks of the monastery composed. Also many interesting things can be learned from the spiritual literature of those years. But over time, there were secular works that were devoted to the life of society outside the church. The first such work is considered to be the "Teachings" of Vladimir Monomakh. The brief content of this work can be expressed in a few words. The prince described in it what a real ruler of a huge country should be, and turned to his children, trying to protect them from mistakes and temptations.

Not every person can readwork in the original. For those who want to learn more about the history of the Eastern Slavs and their worldview, there is a summary of the contents of the "Teachings". Vladimir Monomakh is considered the ideal ancient Russian prince-Christian, peacemaker. It was he who summoned all the rulers of the principal principalities of Russia to the Lyubichesky Congress, where he called to kiss the cross and promise to end the fratricidal wars. Having performed this historical rite, not many followed their vow. The strife continued, and ambassadors came to the Bishop of Kiev with the request to join the march to Smolensk. As the noble prince relies, Vladimir refused, reminding that he had made a promise on the cross. And then, afflicted by such perfidy, he undertook to write his message to the children.

Exposition of a brief summary of the "Teachings" by Vladimir Monomakh

As the prince himself wrote, his "Instruction" hewas, looking forward to an early death. In it, he tried to reveal to his descendants the truth about which they forgot. First of all, Vladimir reminded them of the duties of a real Christian: to attend church, pray every minute about the mercy of the Lord. The grandson of Yaroslav the Wise governed the golden-haired Kiev in 1113-1125. He saw that his country was dying at the hands of the rulers themselves, who could not share power. Therefore, Vladimir bequeathed to them to live in peace and harmony. Defeat the devil, he wrote, you can three virtues: tears, repentance and charity. He himself sincerely believed in what he wrote, and he himself was always such a prince.

"Instructions" by Vladimir Monomakh - brief descriptiona dedicated ruler who cares about his people. He is equally just and merciful to the population, does not make a difference between people. Vladimir writes that the prince should not rely on assistants, but always in everything to understand himself. Monomakh - the first humanist in the territory of Russia, because he was against the death penalty, bequeathed hospitably to meet all foreigners.


Only the essence conveys a summary of the content"Teachings" by Vladimir Monomakh. But it can not express that living language, the gentle voice of the prince. If all people follow the instructions of the ancient Russian sage, then the world will become better, kinder, lighter. Therefore, everyone should study this message from the past. But if you do not have time to master it completely, then at least read the summary of the contents of the "Teachings" by Vladimir Monomakh. It still contains the essence, the grain of truth, which the great prince of Kiev tried to convey to us.