Short biography. Bulgakov Mikhail

Everyone knows MABulgakov as a famous writer and playwright. But not many realize that in addition to this, he was also an actor, and even a producer. In this article, you will see his brief biography.

a short biography of Bulgakov

Bulgakov comes from an intelligent family. He was born in Kiev in May 1891. Michael grew up surrounded by six more brothers and sisters.

Short biography. Bulgakov

Mikhail Bulgakov graduated from high school, and thenenrolled in one of the universities in Kiev at the Faculty of Medicine. In 1914, the First World War broke out, so after graduating from the university, in 1916, he worked a little in field hospitals, after which he was sent to the Smolensk province to manage the hospital, and a year later he was transferred to Vyazma. Some time later, Bulgakov displayed this period of his life in the "Notes of a Young Doctor", which were published in 1926.

Beginning in 1917, Bulgakov began frequentlyto use morphine. The reason for this is his fear of contracting diphtheria, since he saved a sick child with this disease. After this, he begins to get used to the drug. Michael struggles with dependence for two whole years. In 1919 he was mobilized to the troops of the UPR, but after a few days he deserted. Later he became a doctor of the third Terek Cossack regiment.

Michail Bulgakov short biography

Mikhail Bulgakov: biography and creativity (briefly)

In 1920, Bulgakov began working as a journalist,and later was the head of the theatrical section. In 1922 he published his satires, stories and novels. Some of his plays were staged in Moscow theaters.

In 1924, a novel was published under the title "WhiteGuards ", and a year later came a collection of satirical stories called" The Devil's. " At the same time Bulgakov is working on plays "Days of Turbins" and "Zoykina apartment". Then he began to write the story "The Dog's Heart". The performances of these works will go on the stages of the theaters. And in 1934 the novel "Master and Margarita" was completed.

Short biography: Bulgakov and his personal life

The writer was married three times.The first time - Tatiana Lappa, with whom he lived in marriage for 11 years. She became the prototype of Anna Kirillovna in a story called "Morphine". As it turned out later, she did not have acquaintances in literary circles, and Bulgakov left her, having met with a more promising woman in this plan, Lyubov Belozerskaya. During the marriage with her, Bulgakov graduated from a novel called "The White Guard." To it, he dedicated the "Dog Heart" and "Kabbalah the Holy One".

Bulgakov biography and creativity in brief

Four years after the marriage was concluded,Bulgakov and Belozerskaya began to have difficulties in their family life. And some time later, the writer gets to know Elena Shilovskaya, her third wife, who will later become the prototype of Margarita in the novel entitled "Master and Margarita". She also became a keeper of the literary heritage of the writer after his death in 1940.

This article offers only a brief biography.Bulgakov was a versatile and talented writer who left behind a huge literary heritage. We talked only about the main milestones of his life and creativity. Mikhail Bulgakov, whose brief biography and in fact takes a very short time, died at a fairly young age, but his works will live forever.