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What to ask the girl or what to talk on the date.

Many guys by nature are shy andindecisive. Therefore, they often have difficulties in getting to know the girls. Men do not know not only how to approach a woman, but also what to talk about. The eerily disturbing situation of acquaintance, thus, becomes inconvenient for both sides. Before you figure out what to ask the girl, you need to understand how to talk to her at all.

Most guys, getting acquainted on the street, do notdiffer originality and ask trivial questions, such as "Can I meet you?" or "how to get to the library?". Of course, such an undertaking is almost doomed to failure. Ask any girl and she will tell you that only an unusual approach can take her, moderate assertiveness and sense of humor of a new acquaintance. It is best to think of some unexpected question. He should interest the girl and take her by surprise. Be sure to pay attention to her behavior. If she is in a great hurry, then at least what question did you come up with, you probably will not get an answer. As a rule, readiness for acquaintance is guessed by the external appearance and behavior of the fairer sex.

Some guys wonder what to askgirls at a party or at a club. It's a bit simpler here. You already have at least one common theme - the party itself. Generally it is believed that questions are the best way to learn about a person all that interests you. Only need to be able to properly ask them, listen to the answers to them, and delve into their content.

If you do not know what to ask the girl, withwhich is already familiar, it does not matter. Most importantly, you must be keenly interested in her life. If you have something in common, for example, friends or study, talk about it. Girls always appreciate when guys sincerely want to learn about them as much as possible. But in everything there should be a sense of proportion - it is not necessary to climb with inappropriate questions about personal life.

In order to start a conversation, you can givea small portion of reliable information and look at the reaction of the girl. Do not need to speak in a categorical manner, her opinion may be different from yours. If you are not able to immediately see any common ground in your interests, try just to watch the girl. Suddenly she will tell you the sphere of her hobbies. For example, she may have a book, or a football team logo on her clothes, or in her hand a leash that ends with a dog.

If you do not know what to ask the girl and whattalk to her on a date, there are always eternal topics that never get bored. It can be music, literature, sports, work, study, pets, philosophical questions. Most importantly, think before you ask anything, otherwise the girl may misinterpret your words. Let's say the question "Do you go to the gym?" it sounds as if she needs to lose a couple of extra pounds.

Avoid old, jagged questions about the family,age, occupation. This may seem trite and ordinary. If you do not know how to ask a girl for a phone number, do not be shy. The main thing is self-confidence. A stuttering guy, all red and sweaty with excitement, is unlikely to get what he wants. Ask the question about the phone number in an affirmative manner, leaving the girl with no way out and the opportunity to refuse.

Try on a date to be fun, and notforget that a woman always appreciates you. Therefore, when you communicate on the phone with a friend or make an order to the waiter in a cafe, remember, they look at you and listen to you. Religion, politics, parents and former guys are taboo on their first dates. And if you do not know what to ask the girl, then remember, you certainly do not need to ask questions like "Well, how do you like me?" or "I'm coming up under your type?". This will show your insecurity in yourself and push away a new acquaintance.

In any case, do not worry much, the girls are not really scary creatures, the main thing is to find the right approach to them.