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How to get pleasure from intimacy with a man: practical advice

Every woman dreams of being happy.However, after meeting with his half, many begin to experience some difficulties in bed. On the one hand, the problem can be in a man who, during closeness, thinks exclusively of himself. But what if the story repeats constantly and the coveted satisfaction can not be obtained? Is the diagnosis - frigidity? Of course no. Just need to understand how to have fun with sex. Most often this problem lies in the psychology of women. Therefore, consider the tips that will help feel all the joys of sexual life.

how to get pleasure from intimacy with a man

Combating Complexes

A woman enjoys sex onlywhen her mind is free. If she constantly worries about what looks like during the process of coition, then getting an orgasm will be very difficult. It is important to understand that during intimacy the man will never consider possible folds on the stomach or think that the legs or hips of his partner are too thick. The brain of a representative of the strong half of humanity at this moment is turned off, and only one single organ starts working. Therefore, there is no need to worry about such things.

For example, if you buy a baby chocolate, he does notwill consider how many nuts in it, or study its shape, because the main thing is taste. The same is true of sex. It is necessary to understand and accept, only then to have fun, having sex, it will be much easier.


The 21st century presented not only manymodern technologies, but also innovations such as porn films. Actors in such short films usually behave as unnaturally as possible. In life, everything is different, but many young people who grew up on these films, expect an unprecedented extravaganza and Olympic flexibility from a partner. It is necessary to understand that generally accepted stereotypes are just a parallel world. So do not try to pay much attention to your acting, it's better to forget about everything and completely immerse yourself in the process.

how to enjoy sex

Rid of the fear of dishonoring

This is absurd, but many women consider orgasmsomething indecent. As if to have fun - it's something shameful. It is necessary to understand that having sex should bring pleasure to both partners. And this is an absolutely natural process. The same thing happens in nature everywhere. Orgasm should be for a woman not something shameful, but something that she can be proud of.

How to get pleasure from intimacy with a man?Become more liberated. In addition, with the woman in the grip of a woman, it becomes elementary boring. So why then restrain yourself, if both want the same thing? Absurd, is not it?

Know Your Body

This is another common problem.Many women can not even utter the word "masturbation", not blushing at the same time. But this is your own body, what can be indecent in knowing it? Most likely, for many it will be a revelation that practically for every man there is nothing more exciting than a woman caressing herself. In addition, without knowing their erogenous zones, the fair sex can never experience orgasm.

woman gets pleasure from sex

To start having fun whilesex, a woman needs to study her body first. To do this, it is necessary to include pleasant music, to dim the light and run the corresponding film to stimulate one's desires. You can also buy several "toys". To do this, do not necessarily blush in a sex shop, everything you need can be ordered through the Internet.

First you need to find out what typeorgasm is experienced by a woman. To do this, you can try to stimulate the clitoris with your hands or a vibrator. If no effect is observed, then the pleasure representative of the weak half of humanity is obtained only when penetrated.

After that, you can connect a man to the process. He must understand in what direction he should move and what exactly manipulations bring the greatest pleasure to his partner.

Do not be afraid to talk about sex

Talking about how to get pleasure fromintimacy with a man, almost all sexopathists in one voice argue that in the first place you need to discuss everything with your partner. If you can not get an orgasm during intimacy, it does not mean that the girl is frigid. Simply, her body does not respond to what her partner is doing. Therefore it is very important to discuss which movements or caresses are liked by this or that person.

Do not be embarrassed to show yourman, exactly how he should act. Most likely, such a demonstrative lesson will excite him and he will try to repeat all the studied material in practice.

However, playfulness should be shown in this issue.Men react very painfully to criticism, therefore it is necessary to present the information not in the form of aggressive claims. For example, you can invite a partner to "try something new." In any case, lying to your man and pretending to orgasm is much worse than confessing everything sincerely.

To look at intimacy in another way

You need to understand that for a man sex is easyThe act of coition, in the process of which it is aimed at getting maximum pleasure. During the whole action, he does not think about anything, completely immersing himself and enjoying the process. That's why the representatives of the strong half almost never happen "misfire."

Therefore, understanding how to get pleasure fromintimacy with a man, just put yourself in his place and try to act in the same way. You need to start thinking and contemplating the process and enjoying it instead of scrolling through your mind a million thoughts.

Of course, sex is an action,which allows you to feel your partner at a new level, imbued with them, etc. However, if you think about all this during making love, then orgasm will recede into the background. It's very romantic, but without any results.

pleasure during sex to a woman

To get an orgasm, you need to focus on relatively low-minded desires and think solely about sexual arousal.

Therefore, thinking how to get pleasure from intimacy with a man, you need to try to put yourself in his place and learn to treat the process in a similar way.


Here, as they say, the whole thing is in technology.Of course, without appropriate experience, it is difficult for a woman to have fun. Especially often this happens after the first sexual intercourse. Sex work seems like something new and incomprehensible. However, in a more mature age, many women show surprising ignorance in this matter. Therefore, it is recommended that you read the relevant literature or consult a specialist. Today there are a huge number of trainings from sex therapists, where you can learn a lot of new things for yourself.

have fun having sex

Of course, the lack of experience does not mean thatit is necessary to begin to be given to each counter to "work out hours of qualification". It is enough just to show interest in information and to study what sex poses exist for the girl's pleasure and much more.


Today the topic of sex is quite open, howevermany still hesitate to talk about it. Do not consider the process of making love something indecent. You need to strive to know your body and the erogenous zones of your partner.