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First date with the girl: tips for the timid

The first date is always an exciting event.And if you are still from a timid dozen, then you may well fall into a superhuman panic. So, you miraculously managed to invite a girl on a date. We will not consider this process in detail, since this requires a separate conversation. But if the job is done and your lady has agreed to come at the appointed time to a restaurant, park, theater or any other place your fantasy reached, that's good. Now the main thing is to spend the first date so that you both have a desire to assign a second.

Although, of course, the question of where to go for the firsta date, you can not leave without attention. It depends on it, whether you can make the right impression. The choice of options is huge: a restaurant, a skating rink, a cinema, a walk in the park, a picnic in nature, a sports match, a breakfast in a cafe, an amusement park, a zoo, a bowling alley, a disco and so on. It's unambiguous to say that one girl will like it, and the other will not like it, it's impossible. Therefore, it is worthwhile to talk with her friends in advance, maybe they will advise something worthwhile. But you do not have to lose your head, because sometimes your girlfriends are also envious in combination.

So, how to behave, so that the first datecaused the girl's delight and the desire to meet with you more than once? Do not forget that the first impression is decided by the outcome of the whole event. Therefore, you need not only take care of your appearance, but also behave appropriately. Pick up clothes that would fit a specific meeting point. Do not go for a walk in the park to go in a classic suit, but to the theater in jeans and a sweater. Shoes should shine. After all, according to numerous surveys, it becomes clear that almost all women hate unclean shoes.

You need to behave as if before youan amazing woman, a queen, a goddess. Ladies love when they are admired. But you do not need to go too far. If you will always pour honey compliments, then the girl will quickly get bored. Do not look at other women, even if they are slimmer and more beautiful, and even in outspoken clothes. This is absolutely not like your chosen one.

It is important to choose interesting topics for conversation.Do not forget to track the reaction of the companion. If she was bored, began to look around, or, God forbid, yawn, it is worth changing the subject, tell something fun. The conversation should be in high spirits. In no case need to talk about your problems at work or with health. This, firstly, does not interest anyone, and secondly, women hate whiners.

Better try, as much as possible to find out aboutthe girl. After all, women, as well as men, love when they are interested in their person. It is impossible not to close your mouth all evening and narrate about your achievements, position in society, remember funny cases, admire local cuisine and so on. Give the girl to talk about herself, ask her about life, do not be afraid to talk about books, music, her hobbies, work. But do not be too zealous with questions about parents, and even more so do not touch on the topic of sex or former relationships.

On the first date it's better to come with flowers.And let it not be roses, firstly, it's trite, and secondly, very intimate, and thirdly, you just do not know the tastes of the chosen one. Better choose something neutral, for example, a pretty bouquet of wildflowers. Give any gifts on the first date is not accepted, because the interest of the girl can not be bought. But pay the bill in the restaurant, buy movie tickets or attractions - this should be for you an unconditional, mandatory procedure. After all, mean girls do not like girls even more than boring, not fashionable or too intrusive.

About how to arrange a first date with a girl, advice is given all around, but it's better to listen to your own heart.