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How do you know if the wife is changing? The first signs of betrayal of his wife

Most men suspect their wives of treason.Frequent quarrels, bad mood lead a man to such thoughts. As the proverb says, trust, but check, and guesses must be proved or, God forbid, refute. How do you know if this is so? How to determine the betrayal of his wife? We try to isolate the symptoms in this article and generalize them.

My wife looks better

If your wife has become better at monitoring herself, althoughyou noticed that she had not done this before. A girl usually spends more time in front of a mirror, prettily. A woman always wants to look beautiful, but in a marriage she could relax a little and, perhaps, not always tint. The husband is not going anywhere, and many girls think that it is no longer necessary to look beautiful before him. If a man has noticed such a drastic transformation, this is the first sign of the appearance of someone who looks at her more often than her husband.

signs of betrayal of his wife

If your wife has for many years alwayslooked great, and the long gathering and changing clothes in front of the mirror for you is the norm, then you are very lucky. So, the wife is still not indifferent to what you think about her. Then let's move on to the next feature.

The jealous wife

If a woman begins to change her legalelect, then she at the subconscious level begins to think about what would have happened if she had found out that he was cheating on her. Hence, it is natural that a woman begins to be jealous of her husband about everything that is happening around: to friends, to work, and even to a dog with whom he should walk in the evening.

In psychology, it is said that behaviorthe changing side will be compared with the honest. A girl can start scandals on an equal footing, openly suspect him of adultery, arranging scenes of jealousy. So, she as though tries to become a victim and takes away from itself suspicions.

My wife moved away

If your wife began to distance herself from youunidentified reasons, these are yet another signs of the betrayal of his wife. In her soul now live not you, but someone else. If earlier you could share stories about the events of the past day with each other, now it should be closed and thoughtful, talking and behaving with apprehension. Such signs of betrayal of the wife, physiological changes will start the husband for suspicion.

signs of betrayal of his wife how to find out

Meetings with friends have become more frequent and longer,she had new hobbies and preferences, his wife began to linger more and more at work. If you come late, and she is not angry, as she did before, and, on the contrary, rejoices at your delays - another signs of betrayal of the wife to her husband. A test of treason can be held on any suitable day. To do this, specifically follow her behavior, analyze her attitude to your actions and her reaction, and if everything is confirmed, then you can follow her directly.

Changes in sexual activity

Both sides can not but rejoice in new ideas forsexual pleasures, but the one who suspects treason, all the same it is worth considering, what is the new behavior associated with sexual intercourse. The usual, ordinary sex life turned into violent bright colors - it is possible that she learned this on the side. Although, it is possible that the sex life with the betrayal of the wife will come to naught, as it will all be arranged far from home. But still, if a woman does what she did not do before, think about it. Here the main thing is not to mix. Suddenly she read smart books and decided to change something herself. The woman will want to make a variety in your ways to wake up the faded feelings, and you'll give her this: "You change! Where did you learn this? "

signs of wife's infidelity physiological

Changes in the wife's behavior

If there were no suspicions in your relationsthe norm, for example, to call each other affectionate words, to kiss before leaving home, or your shirts did not have time to be repaired, and now everything is the other way around, these are yet another signs of a wife's betrayal. How to find out about this and what behavior you need to pay attention to, you only know.

If the wife is hiding

Let's say your wife always talks onphone without departing from you, calmly answers the calls. Now your wife's behavior can make you think. She starts to get nervous when talking, tries to move away from you when talking, hides the phone, erases the messages - this is another way to determine the betrayal of his wife. Signs of this on face.

For the view in the phone will be left messages fromyou, if any. As a rule, husbands rarely write anything to their wives, especially romantic ones. In the most extreme cases for them, they write: "Do not forget to buy me cigarettes." Such messages are certainly not going to be kept by a woman. Here is your fault. You in fact know, that they like ears, well and would write to it in the end "I love you" or "Come sooner, I have become bored", same it is not difficult. This kind of messages the woman will keep very long.

signs of the wife's betrayal of her husband's test

So, you noticed that there remained in her phoneyour messages and letters of friends, the rest she tries to remove, and if she did not do this before, then you found another first signs of his wife's betrayal. If you already suspected, then contrary to the principles of decency, you still need to look into her phone. There you can find many interesting things: sms, new phone contacts, strange photos ...

Material evidence of treason

Indirect evidence of betrayal of a spouse canto be found at her tickets to the cinema, various souvenirs, flowers, which was presented by a colleague. Although an intelligent wife will not bring them home, give a friend or leave at work. Under direct evidence, we mean condoms in a bag or pocket, even if you use them at home, why would she wear them with her? Also included here are emergency contraceptive pills, or a pack of rubber products.

Men's intuition

Men's intuition helped win wars, thathere talk about exposing his wife. Even if there is no obvious sign of betrayal of the wife, but the man feels something - you need to pay attention to it. The slightest changes in the behavior of the wife can give him the impetus for this. A convincing request to hypochondriacs, not to get divorced from wives because of some kind of intuition. Check to start all your guesswork, and then draw conclusions. And even better, find in yourself the reasons for this behavior, maybe she just wants to punish you for something, and therefore is cold with you.

what are the signs of his wife's betrayal

Password on the network - password for privacy

If before your wife did not hide anything from you,and now it blocks its pages in social networks, changes passwords, hides from you all the information on the Internet - another signs of betrayal of his wife. What are they in your situation - to analyze you. If she hides something, then she definitely has something to hide from you. Unless, of course, the secret to you is not a birthday present prepared for you or something like that.

Do not forget to see the history of visiting pagesin the Internet browser. Many of them do not even know about its existence. Going into history, you will understand what she was looking for or with whom she communicated. If the story is erased - then you yourself will understand what signs of betrayal of his wife.


If your lady has always admired you, andthen suddenly began to point out to you your shortcomings, to reproach her husband for being wrong - this is the true beginning for her to look for the right man, if she has not found one. She will subconsciously compare both men and make you comments.

how to determine the betrayal of wife signs

If your wife started to turn off systematicallythe phone, when it should be in touch, does not answer your calls or resets without giving a reason, is another reason to think. If you know that she has a meeting, you should not continue to call her and find out the relationship.

If you have previously met your wife from work, and you are suddenly asked not to do it, on the contrary, go, otherwise she is being held by someone else.

first signs of cheating on a wife

Signs of adultery wife husband can be listedinfinitely, but only you will find the faithful. Because you, like anyone else, know the character and habits of your chosen one. Do not be lazy to check your guesswork once again. Do not exaggerate the scandal, if it just went to the store, and you immediately wanted to talk to her. Trust your wives, and then you will not have to read such articles, look for signs of betrayal of your wife. The test in this situation is not necessary to pass. It is better if a man will do everything so that his wife never regretted that she married him!