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An unusual compliment to the girl in person and in SMS

Often it seems to men that they are perfectown the art of compliment. Is it so? Let's try to make an unusual compliment to the girl in various forms: in response to the photo posted on the network, using SMS, using only one word, admiring her mind and beauty.

An unusual compliment to the girl

A little about the concept

Nothing so cheers up and lights upsmile face, how well-spoken words courtesy. Compliments are often confused with close concepts, capable in a certain context to cause a backlash:

  • Flattery is an excessive exaggeration that can provoke rejection of an adequate interlocutor. «No girl can compare with you in ... "," you are the best ... "," no one has such beautiful eyes. "
  • Praise - a statement that assesses the behavioror actions of another person. It does not fit in a personal conversation, if people are not bound by subordination (the boss is a subordinate, the teacher is a disciple), for it contains notes of superiority:you do it ... "," they did not go to the barbershop for nothing ... ".

To make an unusual compliment to a girl, one should understand what the concept includes. It is distinguished by two points:

  • The statement emphasizes the real dignity.
  • For a subject, it is meaningful.

Examples of unsuccessful courtesies:"This is the color of your hair!"; "You so skillfully besieged the interlocutor!". In the first case, a compliment concerns the successful choice of hair dye. Perhaps the girl appreciates the natural beauty, and it is unpleasant for her to mention that the color is not natural. In the second - it is a question of controversial dignity. The author of a sharp statement can blame himself for the manifest incontinence.

An unusual compliment to the girl in one word

In one word

A compliment is a virtue adorned with beautiful expressions and epithets. Sometimes they are difficult to immediately pick up, so we will practice to make an unusual compliment to the girl in one word:

  • Through interjections. Men often use this technique, and it works great when it is necessary to express delight, the highest degree of pleasant surprise, admiration. Wow! Bravo! Bis! Wow! If you play with intonation, then with a multitude of shades, you can sound an extended interjection. for exampleOh, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh!
  • With the help of vivid epithets, expressed by adjectives. Not stopping at traditional, we note less widespread: angelic-attractive, appetizing,divine, magical, hypnotic, diplomatic, picturesque, tempting, intriguing, creative, radiant, inviting, unsurpassed, inspiring, intoxicating, luxurious, stylish, touching, refined, enchanting, fragile, blooming, clear-eyed.
  • Using the comparisons expressed by nouns: star, angel, queen, sun, goddess, jewel. You can use the names of your own celebrities, comparison with which in the context of the situation can be pleasant: the actress - "Ranevskaya", A beautiful brunette -"Bellucci", The singer -"Caballe".

An unusual compliment to the girl in the photo: examples

Girls often post pictures on the network,striving to successfully emphasize their dignity. They want to be confident in their attractiveness, which affects their self-esteem. Therefore, they are very sensitive to the number of likes and pay attention to the comments.

Unusual compliment to the girl on the photo

For men, signing a photo is a possible wayTo start acquaintance with the woman he liked. However, in order to "catch" a beauty, the comment should be creative and bear positive. The phrase can not be modified by intonation, so it should not be interpreted ambiguously.

To determine what an unusual complimentthe girl should do, you need to understand what she dared to show for her dignity: her eyes, smile, figure, hair or taste. Depending on this and the comments:

  • «Save, I'm drowning in those eyes ... But I was sure that I'm swimming well".
  • "Your smile has a taste, so you want to try it... ".
  • «The figure requires his artist to paint oil paintings. Such as I... ".
  • «Tato and want to smell these chic hair! "
  • «Why is there no label of the company you are representing? "

Ode to beauty

To emphasize the female attractiveness, onWhat else can you focus on? An unusual compliment to the girl about her beauty can touch the face, hairstyles, neck, posture, gait, skin, waist, arms, legs, smooth movements, the ability to present yourself. There are courtesies that are appropriate only for closer acquaintance. This applies to sexuality, breast and other features of the figure.

An unusual compliment to the girl about her beauty

In a number of the above examples,effective reception - an emphasis on personal inability or failure ("tone"), which makes the phrase more meaningful. For this purpose, the turns can be specially used: "I could never," "envy," "how do you manage it?". Examples: "I never understood how a woman who has a child can look so wonderful! ""This is how much time do you need to spend in the gym to have such a figure? My admiration! "

For ladies at the age of beauty very often correlates with how young they look. For them the best compliment is the question in relation to the daughter: "This is your sister? "

Phone Features

Even at a considerable distance, peoplecan stay in touch 24 hours a day, including making an unusual compliment to the girl. SMS is the best way to cheer up and give confidence. This is facilitated by:

  • Smilies. Any message with their help becomes more personal and informative: "Morning coffee was wonderful: -)) ".
  • The use of comparisons, which are often shy in speech: tender, passionate, desirable.
  • Brevity. People are forced to choose words, finding the most necessary: ​​"thanks for the support".
  • A convenient form of reconciliation. «I stopped noticing your charming smile. Earned, sorry".
    An unusual compliment to a girl (SMS)

Using a name

The name given at birth means a lot foreach person. The interlocutor's address already carries information about how he relates to the addressee. An unusual compliment to a girl can beat the use of a name:

  • «Having seen your work, I realized that you are not just Masha, you are Maria the masteress! "
  • «Tanyusha was good ... This is not dedicated to you? "
  • "Larochka! Today you are extraordinarily attentive to me! "

Everyone needs a positive emotion and recognition. The ability to say a compliment is to find words that can satisfy them.