Why do women love ears?

Surely everyone has heard at least once in his life thatwomen love with their ears. The meaning of this expression is clear to all. But still it is worth analyzing it and getting to the bottom of it. After all, this topic is very interesting, at least because its roots go into psychology.

women love with their ears

Hidden meaning

It is not as such. The phrase "women love with their ears" simply reflects the whole essence of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. A craving for communication, to be more precise.

Differences between men and women are notlimited sex. The nervous system also has differences. Even the device of the brain is different - women have more neural fibers connecting the two hemispheres (cells that process and transmit information). And the desire to communicate with the vast majority of ladies is also expressed brighter than that of representatives of the strong half of humanity.

So where does that women love with their ears?It's simple. It's about compliments. Of course, nice words like every person, regardless of his gender. But the girls, hearing them, just blossom before our eyes. The woman who accepted the compliment understands that it was noticed by her, she is somewhat different from the others, is more attractive, to some extent even special. Naturally, this attitude the girl will not leave without attention. And sympathy, at least, she will wake up to the addressee of pleasant words.

 the woman loves the ears and the man eyes

About compliments

So, why women love with their ears is clear. And if you can please them with words, you need to learn how to choose them correctly. But first you need to at least sort out the purpose of the compliment.

It is a special form of praise,admiration, recognition, approval or respect. The compliment is aimed at raising the self-esteem of the opponent and delivering pleasure. And it is important not only its content, but also its form. In this case, the intonation with which the words are spoken. She can be casual, penetrating, coquettish, sensitive. But not ironic. No sarcasm, ridicule or even a share of the relevant joke to be in the compliment should not. Especially if it is addressed to a girl. A joke can be easily perceived as an attempt to offend, offend or ridicule. Even the most simple phrase "You are beautiful", pronounced with different intonations, can cause either a slight smile or a complaint. So you need to watch this.

women love with ears and men with eyes therefore

What should I forget?

So, once they say that a woman loves ears,means every man who wants to put a lady in his place, you need to learn the art of compliment. But before remembering a kind of verbal tricks, you need to get acquainted with what will later be forgotten. Of course, women love with their ears, but they know how to hate them.

So, you need to forget about flattery.Obsequious and insincere praise does not like anyone. In addition, the task of compliment is to bring joy. Flattery, in turn, implies obtaining the desired by means of guile.

From stamps and cliches, too, you need to give up.The phrases about beautiful eyes are no longer something to surprise - you can even cause irritation. The same goes for high-pitched phrases. The abundance of tropes and metaphors in a compliment will turn him into an insincere sycophancy. And of course, you do not need to glut your speech with praise. If the guy through the word will tell the girl about her magnificence, then she can find this at least strange. In the worst case, he is considered for harassment.

 why women love with their ears

The art of owning a word

What compliments then need to be saidgirl, to cause her location? And again we should return to the very phrase, the comical version of which, by the way, sounds like this: "A woman like Cheburashka loves with ears."

You always need to say what she wants to hear.Pay attention to small things, which is very important. It's easy to see her beautiful neckline or throw a bored phrase about eyes that look like stars. But the girl does not appreciate it. Whether it's the case, if the guy sees a haircut, on laying which she spent an hour. Or how, and how it smells, how well the shoes go to the dress, and the lipstick to the purse. A guy who noticed and appreciated the efforts of a girl is worth a lot. You should remember the advice about taking to the attention of small things and using it, even if it is not a planned date, but a barely held acquaintance.

However, it is believed that the male mind is not a triflenotices. There is even a phrase about this: “A man once says that he loves. To repeat that he will not. And if something changes, it will certainly inform you. ” Of course, this is not all without exception, but the “instances” that can be characterized by this phrase are often found.

 they say that a woman loves ears

Manifestation of love

It's hard not to agree that women loveears. Who said this phrase first is not exactly known, but it was definitely a smart man, one who knew that a woman would not live without regular compliments and heart-to-heart talks, because she needs them like air.

And it is.The silence of a partner is often regarded by girls as indifference. Women fall in love with the words, the fairy tale and the romance that men give to them by long confidential conversations. Often, for just one phrase, “I love you,” spoken sincerely and heartily, they are ready to move mountains. Because for most girls, words are not a simple sound. This is something more. Words express the inner feelings and feelings of a person, his state of mind, and emotions. Because they are so important.

What's next?

From all the above, you can make surethat women love with their ears. The photos provided above, by the way, demonstrate how everything happens. Let in a joking way, but the share of truth in the images, definitely, is.

However, not so simple.The girl loves with her ears only at first, in the candy-bouquet period. She watches as a young man conquers her, melts ice in his heart with beautiful words. We can say that the ears are a zone that does not enjoy touch, but compliments. But then she will wait for actions and communication.

Sooner or later she will have a difficult periodwhen the support of a loved one becomes an urgent need. The guy will no longer need compliments, but listen to the essence of the problem, delve into it, analyze, try to suggest solutions. And of course, calm the girl. All these actions will demonstrate his feelings for her, not indifference, excitement and care. It will remind her that she is necessary and valuable. For the words warming the soul, because he was there at a difficult time and did not leave her alone, the girl will love her partner even more.

women love ears photo


It is worth noting that with the spirit of modernityThe original version of the phrase has been slightly modified. And this is what happened: “Women love with their ears, and men with their eyes. Therefore, some are painted, while others lie. " Unfortunately, there is a grain of truth in this ironic expression. It is not enough harm from cosmetics, but from a lie you will not turn around.

Many men know perfectly well howwomen like beautiful words. And they do not hesitate to use compliments (in this case it is flattering) for selfish motives. Which ones? In the technique of seduction, of course. There are weak girls who can be inclined to sex, peppered with their words of praise. Some “Lovelyas” play on the romance of the female and come up with very clever tricks. Everything, just to make it happen.

Continuation of the phrase

It is well known that everyone is discussingexpressions have a sequel. The whole phrase is: "A woman loves with her ears, and a man with eyes." The second part is also very clear. After all, what is the first thing men pay attention when meeting a girl? On her appearance. Even those who believe that a beautiful face is not the most important thing in a potential darling. Just "scanning" its external data occurs involuntarily. And this is normal, because man is characterized by a craving for beauty. In girls, this aspect is also present, but it is less pronounced, and not at all.

However, it is worth returning to the topic.For girls, there is only one advice: you need to look like in order to induce that “electric impulse” in the desired man, thanks to which ordinary interpersonal relations develop into intimate-sexual ones. Educated, intellectually savvy young lady, dressed in something seductive, can not only attract but also keep the attention of men.

a woman like a cheburashka likes ears


Based on all the above, you can doquite logical conclusion. Man and woman are complementary. What one lacks may complement the other. We are not aware of this, but in the process of acquiring both opponents in their heads begin to carry out heterogeneous processes. A man, assessing the appearance of a woman, subconsciously makes a choice at the same moment. And in neural connections not only the impressions of its visual appeal remain. “Imprinted” and emotional impression, left a new friend in the shower. The same principle works with girls. The first words spoken to her by a man leave a strong impression and influence the formation of opinions about him.

Everything is natural. We all have our weaknesses.For some, this is a compliment. For others - a seductive appearance. If a woman ceases to look attractive to a man who is near her, and she, in turn, is trying to find words of approval on the side, then, most likely, nothing will save such a relationship.