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Than so remarkable condoms are polyurethane?

Contraceptive funds for todaythere is a sufficient number. But the most popular so far are the classical condoms, of which there are also a huge number. And latex products for a long time were considered the best of all. But today polyurethane condoms are becoming more popular. And there are reasons for that.

Clear Advantages

  • Well, first of all, polyurethane condoms are very thin. So, they retain all sensitivity. This is what is missing from latex products for contraception.
  • Secondly, polyurethane condomshypoallergenic. That is, no irritation, itching, and even more so rashes from them can not be. The exception, perhaps, is only individual intolerance.

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  • Thirdly, polyurethane has an important quality - it does not degrade and does not deteriorate from greasy lubricants. That is why such condoms are most often used during anal sex.
  • Fourth, the shelf life of these fundscontraception is greater than that of latex. They are not destroyed by ultraviolet exposure, so they can be stored longer without requiring any special conditions.
  • Fifthly - protection. It remains on top, despite the fact that the products are thin.

Polyurethane condoms reliably protect againstunwanted pregnancy, and from sexual infections. And, of course, this stuff does not smell anything. It does not have any characteristic odor unless otherwise provided by the manufacturer's intention (as in the case of aromatic condoms).

Some shortcomings

Naturally, without them, too, was not done.Polyurethane condoms during intercourse often torn and burst than latex or rubber. Perhaps this is their biggest flaw. In addition, among the condom made of polyurethane there are no "exquisite" models. All means of contraception are standard - smooth and without any roughness, otherwise they would break even more often. The material is simply not designed to create any "antennae," spikes and other additions to condoms.

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Despite all this, polyurethane condoms are still more expensive than their latex "brothers". And this, too, does not please many buyers.

Reviews of "users"

And they are quite diverse.Polyurethane condoms, customer feedback about which there are many different, are now being purchased more and more often. Some are unhappy with the fact that condoms are often ripped. Some people take several pieces for one sexual act, which is quite expensive. Others are not satisfied with the lack of those same additions, which are rich in latex and rubber condoms, greatly enhancing the sensations and bring more pleasure. Not everyone likes the usual smooth polyurethane condoms. The responses of those who rose to protect these contraceptives are somewhat different.

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So, many are pleased that they are really thin,and therefore do not interfere with getting a natural pleasure, something that inevitably occurs between a man and a woman during sexual intercourse. Others are pleased with the fact that polyurethane condoms allow non-classical sex to be practiced as if there is no contraception. For example, anal or oral. And even a little overpriced can not overshadow this fact.

Brands and Manufacturers

They are not so little.Almost every manufacturer of condoms considers it necessary to release at least one kind of polyurethane among latex products. Perhaps the most little known to date are Sagami Original. They are produced in different configurations and with different additions: smell and color. These are Japanese polyurethane condoms. The other brands are better known. For example, "Visit".

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This brand has long been known in the Russianmarket. The cost of contraception from this brand of polyurethane is slightly higher than similar latex, which is understandable. The production of condoms based on this material is more expensive - hence the inflated price. Vizit made condoms for convenience, which are difficult to wear incorrectly: the inner and outer walls are different in appearance. And the possibility of using an oil based lubricant allows you to quickly turn out even accidentally put inside out condom.