/ Why do people change each other? Can this be avoided?

Why do people change each other? Can this be avoided?

When we start a new relationship, we are even afraidimagine that a loved one may have another object of passion. However, according to statistical data, in 20% of cases, family relations experienced at least a betrayal. Until now, many women and men are trying to understand why people change each other. In fact, there can be a great many reasons, it is much more important to know how to prevent such a situation in your life.

Why do people change each other? Do not rush to blame the partner!

why people change each other

If the situation is terrible, and your spouse is honestconfessed, try at this moment to control your emotions as much as possible. It's better to leave somewhere for a couple of days and calmly think. Of course, the first reaction will be anger, pain, resentment, and this is normal. However, you can not help empty charges. Instead of the suffering and agonizing tortures of your soul, analyze your behavior in marriage. Try to understand what mistakes you made, what the partner lacked and what offended him. Psychologists say that for the sake of entertainment, the minimum percentage of men or women "walks to the left". The rest find in the other partner the missing qualities or acquire a sense of harmony and even love. It is much easier to agree with the general belief that everyone is changing each other and accepting. Most likely, in this way your marriage will not last long, if there is no financial dependence of partners.

Why do people change each other? Physical attraction

the girl changed with a friend

The strongest of all known humanfeelings is the desire to have a representative of the opposite sex in a sexual way. No matter how we tried to fully master the mind of instincts, but man is inherently polygamous, so he feels physical attraction to many objects in his way. Often, men who have lived more than 10 years in marriage face this problem. Often after marriage, a woman stops watching herself, gives all the strength to create comfort in the house and raise children, completely forgetting about her beloved husband. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common mistakes. Remember: never forget about your appearance. And if you want to maintain a passionate relationship in marriage, you need to make every effort to bring diversity into the intimate life. Another reason is long abstinence, it is especially difficult to cope with such a test of the male part of the population, so you should not let your spouse go on a long trip alone.

all change to each other

Why do people change each other? Emotional Factor

As a rule, ladies decide on such a serious stepbecause of emotional hunger. If a man is stingy to compliment, constantly busy with work, and spending free time with friends, then the woman does not feel its relevance. She begins to look for a person on a subconscious level, which will fill the gap, among the closest associates. And then the guy is disappointed in love and in life, because the girl changed with a friend. Summarizing the above, I want to note that the relationship is a big work on yourself, because you have to be able to yield, show attention and care, even when you do not want to do it at all. Love sincerely and with all your heart, then you will succeed!