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How to understand if your husband loves you? True signs

In any relationship may appearinstability, and then the woman begins to wonder: "How to understand if your husband loves you?" At this moment it is important to realistically assess the situation, determine if the man has feelings, and take action. After analyzing the relationship and a small test, you can get an answer. And either to understand the baselessness of suspicions, or to take timely actions to save the marriage.

Does the husband love? Analyzing the situation

Relationships in marriage usually develop by themselves,without pondering the actions of the spouse or analyzing the current conflict situation in the house. Even if the relationship of the spouses is in order, more attention should be paid to marriage. Well, if there were doubts about the faithfulness of the husband, the following questions are asked: "How to understand if the husband loves his wife?". If a premonition of a close divorce has already appeared, then it is necessary to save the marriage right now. How?

  • Let's pay attention to the husband. How does he behave with you, what has changed in hisbehavior? Perhaps he became more rude, allows himself unpleasant ridicule and even insults. How does he react to your words or requests? Did his gestures, facial expressions, facial expression change when communicating with you? In this situation, there are no trifles, because all these changes accumulated and led to a cooling relationship. However, assess the behavior of her husband should be objectively, not giving vent to emotions and fantasies.

how to understand whether your husband loves you

  • Watch yourself. You are still comfortable with your husband, you want toshare all thoughts, experiences and impressions? Is there a stiffness or fear of doing something wrong in his presence? This alienation suggests that there really have been changes in the relationship, and now you do not trust your husband any more, as before.

View from the outside

The wife is not in a position to assess the changes inrelations with her husband. Then you can ask for help from friends or acquaintances. People close to whom you trust, you can directly ask to look at the behavior of her husband at a party and to say whether changes are noticeable. It is better not to introduce unfamiliar people into the personal details of the relationship, but to talk about what happened and ask for advice, how about the "friend problem".

Sometimes it happens that strangers will see whatthe wife has already got used to not notice - tender embraces of the husband or its courtships and compliments. There is also a reverse situation - and then the wife will point to the brutal behavior of her husband or his reluctance to be next to her. In any case, you will get another opinion about your marriage and your husband's feelings.

Asking the spouse a direct question

If a woman is not sure of her observations andconclusions, the answer remains: "How to understand if your husband loves you?" The signs and advice of acquaintances do not give an answer, and then you are trying to talk directly with your husband about the problem that has arisen. The question of a man's feelings is worth asking, following the following recommendations:

  1. Choose the right moment. So, the spouse should be in a good mood, not to be late and be ready to talk with you.
  2. The question should be correct. Do not allow ambiguities or insulting hints, as well as blame the husband.
  3. Positive form of the question. You can not ask if there are serious problems in the relationship. It is better to clarify from her husband, whether everything is good in marriage.

Do not give in to emotions

If you are convinced that the relationship with her husband was givena crack, you do not have to panic and further deteriorate the atmosphere in the house. Take a walk in the street or go in for sports. Remember that nothing terrible has happened. Even on the contrary - now you see that there is a problem in relations and you can start solving it without asking more questions: "How can you understand if your husband really likes you?", But restoring confidence in his feelings.

Husband does not love! Or is there another explanation?

Consider the situation when a woman beginsto be interested in the question: "How to understand if your husband loves you?" True signs of male indifference are actively manifested - he is inattentive to his wife, does not spend time with her, is irritable. Then the woman tries to save the marriage, but does not see the results of her actions. And only then begins to understand that the reason for this male behavior was caused not by problems in the relationship. There are real reasons why a husband behaves differently than usual, but at the same time he continues to love his wife:

  • Problems at work (for example, lack of time or conflict withchief) can cause constant irritability and fatigue of the husband. In this case, you need to wait for a more relaxed time and see if the relationship will change. Also, you can offer your husband to change jobs to avoid conflicts and processing.

How to understand whether the husband loves his wife

  • Household troubles. If you notice incomprehensible changes in thethe behavior of her husband, then think about whether there are any reasons not related to the problems of marriage. It is possible that he is angry in the mornings because of a sleepless night, and not because of a past love. Or playing on weekends in computer games, not paying attention to his wife, because on Monday the meeting, and he wants to escape from unpleasant thoughts. Disabling water, traffic jams, malaise - all this may be the cause of his unusual behavior, minute anger or irritation.

In order to identify such patterns, you need to try to learn more about the life of her husband, ask him if there are any problems at work, and monitor his health.

The difference of temperaments

Men show their feelings differently, lessemotionally than women. So, a husband can forget about an important date or not notice a new dress, because his head is busy with more global problems. He can devote himself entirely to work, but the reason for this will be the hope of raising and improving the material condition of the family.

how to understand whether the former husband loves

How to understand if the former husband loves?

In case of unsuccessful marriage, the spouses are divorced andbegin to build relationships with other people. However, it happens that one of them or even both have feelings. This can be expressed in a friendship based on past good memories. Such communication does not carry in itself something more and is shown in telephone congratulations on holidays or rare requests for help in serious situations (illness of the relative, moving). In this case, the ex-husband shows usual courtesy and good upbringing, but this does not mean that he has feelings left.

understand whether the husband loves his ex-wife

Another thing is if the husband constantly calls hisex-wife, asks her advice, offers help in household chores or material support. Then it's easy to understand if the husband loves his ex-wife. Also the signs are:

  • comments of common acquaintances that he speaks only positively about you;
  • regular "random" meetings on your usual route;
  • active interest in your life;
  • expensive and desired gifts, which were not even married.

If most of these signs are present, then the husband clearly retained feelings for the ex-wife, and perhaps that is the hope of restoring the relationship.

How to understand if a husband loves a pregnant wife?

During pregnancy, a woman is especially neededsupport for her husband. And doubts about his feelings make him nervous, worry about his future and the fate of the child. For many men, the news of fast paternity becomes a shock, and not everyone can get along with it. So, some husbands start to avoid the pregnant wife, try not to touch her, do not visit medical institutions together. So they try to protect themselves from changes in their lives - the pregnancy of the spouse. At this point, you need to understand that a man does all this not because of past love, but because now carefree relations are over, and real responsibility begins.

How to understand if your husband loves the right signs

In women's magazines and television series of the fathersshow happy and happy, but this reaction does not guarantee that a man will become a good husband and father. After all, after the first joy you begin to panic, to experience fear and anxiety. A man now needs to provide material support for the child, as well as coping well with his father's duties. And the man thinks, but will he manage? And hiding from all problems, trying to avoid his pregnant wife. In such a situation, you need to talk with your husband and explain that his fears are unfounded. And to care for the future child can begin and gradually - supporting his wife.

Test for testing the strength of feelings

Passing a small test, you can see the problematic places in the family life, as well as understand not only the behavior of her husband, but also in his attitude to the beloved.

how to understand for sure if your husband loves you

  1. Do you think the husband is satisfied with the choice of the spouse? Even if you doubt the correctness of the decision of the husband, then this is not a very good sign.
  2. Does your husband share problems and secrets with you,Does your advice ask? So, husbands who love wives and trust them, prefer to discuss all the cases together. However, do not forget that there are men who, from their youth, used to solve everything themselves.
  3. Do you think about divorce? If you think about it, then your husband may have similar thoughts, and then you will have to change your attitude and behavior so that this question does not even stand in theory.
  4. How often do you quarrel with a partner or make remarks in rough form? A large number of complaints usually cause a negative response from the husband.
  5. What changes have taken place in yourLast year? Self-confidence and poise are signs that the husband likes family life. But aggression or a depressive state mean that he feels uncomfortably married.

how to understand whether your husband loves omens

Having understood how to understand if your husband loves you,you can analyze the situation in the marriage, as well as consider and evaluate it, without doing hasty actions, which you then regret. Strengthening a marriage can take a long time, but in your family's happy life there will no longer be room for doubt.