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Ideal table setting for the wedding: rules and subtleties

table setting for a wedding
Usually newlyweds, preparing for the wedding, are instructedorganization of banquet to professionals, ordering a table in a restaurant or a banquet room in a cozy cafe. But it is not uncommon for a couple to want to set the table on their own at home or in nature. Then the question arises: how to make sure that the table setting for the wedding was flawless? This article will help those who want to not only prepare for the wedding feast, but also learn the rules of serving.

How to prepare for a festive dinner?

The newlyweds do the right thing, when in the process of preparing for the wedding, not a single trifle of this celebration is left without attention. It is useful to write the following points in the "Banquet" section:

  • Guests (number and their contingent).
  • Dishes and drinks.
  • Table setting for the wedding.
  • Room and table decor.
    table setting for a wedding photo

All these moments are related to one another andThe influence on the style and ways by which the table setting for the wedding will be arranged. A photo of the most varied banquets will help the newlyweds decide how their own celebration will look.

Useful lessons for table setting

In order to plan everything in advance, it is important to know the two basic principles that guide the organizers of banquets:

  1. Creating a festive atmosphere.
  2. Convenience and comfort for guests and newlyweds.

To each guest felt free,it is important to give him enough space at the table. The distance between the centers of the plates for guests should not be less than 70 cm. Even more space is allocated for the newlyweds. It is inadmissible, that between dishes there are also plates with dishes. All drinks and snacks should be in the central part of the table, so the table should be wide enough.

What are the main rules to remember?

  • Do not lay out cutlery, for which there will not be dishes - extra plates and knives will only interfere.
  • It is undesirable to use disposable or plastic dishes, even if the table setting for the wedding is planned in the fresh air.
  • For a wedding celebration, you must cover the table with a tablecloth (oilcloth is inadmissible).
  • Wine glasses and glasses should match beverages.Necessarily need a glass or a glass for water and soft drinks, a glass for wine or champagne, a glass for brandy and a separate vodka glass. They are located on the right hand side.
  • On the table should be as paper towels in the stands, and be sure to linen, delicately folded on a plate or a number.
  • Forks are located on the left with prongs up, knives -on the right with a blade to the plate. The order of these devices is as follows: on the outside are instruments that will be used first, and those closer to the plate that will be used later, as the dishes are served.
  • Instruments for dessert put on a plate, and a cup for coffee on a saucer can be put on the right.
    lessons for table laying

Often table setting for a wedding causessome confusion among those who will directly deal with it on the day of celebration. Therefore, the day before you can practice using a photograph of a professionally laid table. You will see that there is nothing super complicated in this.