/ / Pumps: how to put it right?

Pumps: how to put it right?

Pumps: how to set them correctly? This question worries many girls and guys. In this article, we will take a closer look at this topic.

Why put it?

Suction - how to put them?We will talk about this a little later, and now we will consider what their purpose is. Sometimes the sucks remain by chance, when in the heat of love comforts someone does not count the strength a little. What does it mean to suck on the neck? Many specially leave traces of kisses, so that others know that their chosen one is already occupied, and that everything is in order in his intimate life. In fact, it is a kind of indicator that your relationship is full of love and passion. Well, that person, on the body of which there are traces of your kisses, can, seeing them, remember the hot nights spent together.

Pumps: how to put comfort in a partner?

It is better to start from afar.Do not immediately bury your neck, like a vampire. Let the partner relax and take pleasure in gentle and passionate caresses. Of course, it is better to ask your lover if he is not against you to leave a mark on his body. But if you have been together for a long time, you can do without this question. Just try to choose such places for sucking, so that it is more or less comfortable for your chosen one. For example, if your favorite works at a big company, and it is summer, it is not necessary to put him passionately at the top of the neck. Of course, everyone will see that he has a passionate woman, but it will not be easy for him to cover such a trail of love. And when communicating with customers or business partners, he will certainly feel uncomfortable.

Pumps: how to put it right?

how long does the suction pass on the neck
You need to open your lips and tightlyPress them to the selected place on the body of the chosen one. It can be the neck, collarbone, shoulder or other parts of the body. Air should not flow to the skin. Do not blink your mouth. Now, squeeze the skin a little. You need to do it pretty much to make the capillaries collapse. But try not to overdo it, otherwise your chosen one will be very hurt. Usually, it takes 20-30 seconds to get the effect. You can make small breaks for kisses. Moreover, it is necessary to suck the skin, and not to use the teeth. During the "procedure", try to swallow excess saliva, otherwise, when you break away from a loved one, the picture will not be very romantic. When the effect is achieved, several times gently kiss the partner in the place of sucking and nearby. Then you can continue to caress. Usually a bruise is manifested after 5-10 minutes. If you want the footprint to be more noticeable, repeat the procedure. But if the partner asks you to stop, do not resist. Perhaps your actions are unpleasant to him, or the chosen one is afraid that the bruise will be too big and dark. Respect the wishes of your beloved!


which means a suction on the neck
Excellent time for sucking - winter.Traces of caresses can easily be hidden from prying eyes under turtlenecks, scarves and sweaters. If you decide to leave your trail in the summer, do not forget that it could be hidden if desired. For example, parents are unlikely to appreciate such a "sign of belonging". Try to do the suction gently so as not to cause severe pain. During sucking the skin, play the tongue. The place where you put a suck, becomes more sensitive, and such caresses can be pleasant to your chosen one. How long does a suction pass on the neck? It all depends on the characteristics of the body. Some bruises pass in a few days, others have a few weeks.