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What should be the girl? Choose a soul mate

Each person has his own tastes and preferences.Someone likes blondes, and someone goes mad from brunettes. Someone can not look at full girls, and someone is not attracted to thin at all. But, despite this diversity, when it comes to choosing "love for life", men become more unanimous

The thing is that our tastes do not haveabsolutely nothing to do with love. We can talk for a long time about what a girl should be, and prefer brunettes to blondes in all possible comparisons, but to marry after all on a blonde is on that very unique blonde who will conquer our heart. Preferences in appearance do not play any role at all when choosing a girl. The only thing that is really important is that it's a repulsive factor. If you just can not look at women in the body, you will never get to know such a girl.

So, if a girl is estimated at leastlevel "normal" on your scale of preferences, they have all the chances to fall in love with you, because the love only depends very little on the appearance of the girl. Agree, it often happens that the girl seems literally perfect in all respects, but the glance slides on it coldly, and the heart does not start furiously pounding at her sight. This is because its energy, or simply speaking, the character, does not suit you.

So what should a girl be by nature toto drive men mad? Here, again, everything depends very much on the man. Someone likes strong girls, and someone - quiet, someone - cheerful, and someone - serious. However, there are universal recipes. According to psychologists, all men tend to look for certain features in their beloved woman, and if she has them, she will attract most men, in addition to those that suit her personally. Such girls are called real girls, and they can be very unhappy if they can not figure out who their true love is.

So what should a real girl be like?First of all, it should be feminine. This means that it should radiate that unique female energy that attracts men so. It should be gentle and romantic - no cynicism and communication with men is equally unbecoming. A girl who wants to attract the attention of the opposite sex, should seem weak against the background of men. The desire to protect and protect a defenseless beauty is one of the main male instincts on which you can play skillfully enough.

But not only in flirting helps the ability to bethis lady. With such a girl, a man will be much happier and calmer, that's why, when choosing what a girl should be, a man throws out the self-confident, strong and independent representatives of the fair sex. With them life will turn into a struggle, and a man needs a quiet harbor and a reliable rear - this will push him to personal growth.

A real girl should not scare awaywhims, no scandals, no inflated demands. Many beauties forget about this and behave defiantly, then marveling that men, thinking about what a girl should be, bypasses them. The most important thing is an emotional connection and a sense of happiness from the connection of the two halves. Asked the same question, what growth should be a girl, and what she should have hair color, just silly.

Believe me, falling in love, you yourself will notunderstand what attracted you this girl. Her rivals will also be indignant. And it turns out that she was just herself - quiet, modest and calm, with nice features and a normal figure. This is not always noticeable in the crowd, the girl becomes the most important person for life for one single man - and this is what happiness is all about.