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Who is metrosexual and what are the features of his character

In today's world, a large number ofnew concepts, which sometimes can lead to a dead end. Not everyone can say exactly who is metrosexual and how he differs from all other members of the stronger sex. However, it is still worth knowing about this, because, according to psychologists, there are more and more such men.

Who are metrosexuals?

The modern world dictates its own rules.Now in order to succeed, you need to look good and be able to put others around. That is why a growing number of men are beginning to be interested in their appearance.

Who is Metrosexual?
Metrosexual is the man who devotes a lot of time to his appearance, style, behavior. He tries to do everything in order to look prettier.

The term was introduced in 1994 by a journalistMark Simpson. He combined the words metropolitan (metropolitan) and sexual (sexual). Thus, a new word "metrosexual" appeared. Its significance has not changed over the years.

Simson gave a detailed interpretation of what it means"metrosexual". According to him, this man lives either in the center of the city or in an area close to him. It is important for him that there are beauty salons, shops, where you can find the best goods, gyms and nightclubs. After all, most of the metrosexual's life passes there. Most often these men earn well. They achieve great success in the service due to the ability to put people to themselves.

Caring for appearance above all

Metrosexuals are always in the know of the latestfashion trends. They can confidently tell about new collections, their main ideas and ideas of designers. But at the same time such people are not only interested in fashion, but also dress in strict accordance with its laws.

what does metrosexual mean
The meaning of the word "metrosexual" will be revealed onlyhalf, if not to say that such men pay much attention to their body. Flabby muscles, untidy nails and dirty hair for them are unacceptable. That's why metrosexuals spend a lot of time on sports, visiting beauty salons.

Such a man always has a cosmetic bag,which will not yield to women's. In it, you can usually find creams, a means to hide skin imperfections, nail care and hair care. Sometimes you can find lip gloss or hygienic lipstick.

Character traits

In order to better understand what it means"metrosexual", you need to know about what character traits are inherent in such a man. Metrosexuals are confident in their beauty. They consider appearance one of their most important virtues, they know their worth and will not be humiliated. Such men understand what people like and attract their attention, which they certainly flatter.

Metrosexual meaning
Metrosexuals love to be in the spotlight.They know how to keep the conversation going, so they will not be confused if they are asked a question. A greater number of such men prefers to develop not only their external data, but also intelligence, in order to conquer those around them also by their education.

It is impossible to understand who a metrosexual is ifdo not see his ways of communicating with the girls. With the fair sex such men are very easy to find a common language. Metrosexuals will be able to discuss with the beautiful half of humanity the style of clothing of celebrities, the latest news from the world of fashion and show business. In addition, such men can make an excellent company while shopping. Pastime of this kind is really interesting for them.

Sexual orientation

Some people ask about who ismetrosexual, confidently answer that this is a man who is sexually attracted to men. But this is not so. Not all metrosexuals are homosexuals. And vice versa. A man's love for his own appearance does not at all mean that he has the same attraction to his people. Most often, metrosexuals remain heterosexual. But modern psychologists are sure that no one is able to love such a man as much as himself.

Features of relations

Women who wish to link their lives withmetrosexuals, will have to accept some of their character traits. Metrosexuals are in love with their appearance, and therefore will not allow criticism from their beloved. She should admire and be proud of her partner.

meaning of the word metrosexual
Next to a well-groomed man should be well-groomedfemale. Metrosexuals make high demands in relation to their second half. If she does not answer them, then the man can begin to search for another companion. He is sure that he deserves the best.

Metrosexuals are very neat. It is important for them that the clothes be clean, well-ironed and free from complaints. If a man is careful, then he will expect the same from his woman.

Metrosexuals are used to spending a lot of money. Fashionable clothes, weekly visits to sports clubs and beauty salons are expensive. Because you should not expect thrift from such a man.

Famous metrosexuals

To understand who is such a metrosexual, it is best possible with specific examples. Fortunately, in Hollywood there are a lot of men.

The most famous metrosexual is DavidBeckham Now few people remember him as a talented football player. More often the name sounds in connection with the fashion news. This man is not only caring for himself, but is also ready to give a couple of tips to others on how to do it correctly.

Favorite girls Brad Pitt also considermetrosexual He is well-groomed, has his own style and never allows himself to look untidy. Even the beard, which was considered a sign of masculinity in previous centuries, is in perfect order.

what does metrosexual mean
Justin is considered another famous metrosexual.Bieber A young artist is sometimes confused with a girl, but this did not prevent him from finding millions of female fans around the world. Justin, wanting to help others become more beautiful, even released his own line of cosmetics.

So far, many are not ready to treat metrosexuals with respect. But is it bad if a man cares for himself? Not at all, unless this hobby turns into fanaticism.