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Original signs of attention from a male girl

Men often pay attention to a woman. This indicates sympathy. The article describes the standard and original signs of attention that men show in relation to the weaker sex.

Why do you need a man's attention?

Virtually every woman dresses, imposesmake-up, does not just do it, but for someone. After all, you want someone to like, be loved and desired. There is an opinion that a male look is necessary as a breath of fresh air. That's why women always want to keep themselves in shape.

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The man's gaze gives energy to the weak sex.Scientists have proved that when a man shows signs of attention towards a girl, endorphin appears in her body, which is regarded as a hormone of happiness. This gives the weak sex a lot of strength, vitality and a good mood.

Standard signs of attention of a man to a girl

Every person, be it a man or a woman,his individual character. One can show attention actively, speak everything directly and frankly. The other behaves more passively, fearing for the words spoken. However, all men are able to say compliments. Women love ears, and most of the stronger sex know about it.

Men give flowers. This is a standard grooming that will not leave any woman indifferent. However, before you give a bouquet, find out what flowers the girl likes.

Many men give gifts, because it's not a secret for anyone that girls like surprises. It can be jewelry, soft toys, candy.

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Many men give perfume or cosmetics. However, do not forget that these things are better for the girl to choose herself. Before you give them, you must be sure that they fit a lady.

If you want a girl you periodicallyremember, give her a flower of the house. This is a great gift. When she will water him and take care of him, he will always remember you. Beautiful pictures or statuettes will regularly remind the girl of your relationship.

It is not necessary to provide signs of attention with expensive gifts, an invitation to a movie or a restaurant. Many women do not need this. Respect her, and she will answer you the same.

Do women always need compliments?

Beautiful words girls like. However, do not forget that they should be from the heart. Flattery a woman feels right away.

For a girl, the attitude of a person to her is very important. A woman loves compliments, but she must see the sincerity in your eyes. Even in intonation, a lady is able to feel falsehood.

Creativity in compliments is very important for a girl. Tell her about her hair or dress. The girl will be pleased with this compliment, because she tried to create her own image for you.

Original attention signs

If you want to present a gift to a girl, then make it unusual. Originality is the first thing that surprises your beloved.

Make her a surprise.If a girl likes practical gifts, then present can be associated with household appliances. Of course, to begin with, it is desirable to find out what exactly the beloved wants. You are happy to prompt her friends.

As a rule, many men inviteliked the girl on a date in a cafe or restaurant. You can make a date unusual. For example, invite her to the theater or circus. Perhaps your favorite will like an amusement park. Even adults like to have fun, like children.

Riding a boat or a boat like italmost every person. Invite the girl to spend time on the water. Take your provisions with you and go sailing. After such a walk weariness overcomes, but it is very pleasant. This kind of entertainment will raise you in the eyes of your beloved.

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Earlier, serenades under the window were in vogue.Why not take advantage of the hint of old times? After all, at that time men were able to surprise and win women! Come with a guitar and sing under the window a sentimental song. Few will remain indifferent after the serenade.

Write a poem for your beloved. These are the original signs of attention like girls. After all, not every day poems are created in her honor.

Stay attentive to your chosen one inany time. Try not to push it away, help in everything, support. Make a diverse life of the chosen one. A man who shows original signs of attention is more likely to win a lady.

A little bit of obsession

Very often, attention signs from men are too intrusive. This can irritate the girl.

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This is manifested when a man can callmany times a day or write on social networking letters. Many ladies do not like this behavior. Therefore, it does not work out the kind of relationships that a young man dreams about.

When the meeting failed, try not to write or call on that day, but to give time to your beloved. She must be bored. Only then will the lady understand how she lacks your attention and courtship.

Obsession to good does not lead. After all, every person should have a personal life. Your chosen one also wants to have a personal space.


Many women are important signs of attention of men.They are manifested in different ways. Excessive modesty in this matter will not lead to good results. In fact, while you are thinking how to approach the chosen one, a faster young man will take your girl away. Do not be afraid to get a refusal. No wonder they say: do not open the door to those people who have not tried to knock on it.

Always remember respect and respect.A woman does not like humiliation, insult or obsession. Although, probably, this will not be for any person. Avoid this behavior in relation to your beloved.

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Try to do unobtrusive actions and ontime to step aside. Then you can again come up with new original ideas. Your love and do not understand why she began to miss you. Do not forget that each lady has an individual character: she has her own preferences and interests. Communicate, give flowers, sing serenades, show signs of attention to the girl, and you will be able to melt the ice in her heart. Good luck in your endeavors! We hope that our advice will help you.