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Sayings about friends. Sayings about friends and friendship with meaning

Many pleasant words, poems and toastsinvented about friendship. Each person should have a friend who will help in a difficult moment. In this article you can read interesting statements about friends.

What do the statements say?

Sometimes I want to say pleasant words to a personwith the help of beautiful words, brightly and colorfully express their thoughts. That is why the words about friends and friendship with meaning are invented. It is necessary for a person to understand and forgive.

Some people do not know how to perceive friendshipfor real. Sometimes there is betrayal and there is a lack of confidence in others. Then it is worth reading the wise statements, and people begin to look at the world completely different eyes. Here about them also there will be a speech further.

Wise statements with meaning

The politician and philosopher Mark Tullius Cicero said: "There must be true friendship, and without it life is of no interest."

Persian philosopher and writer Omar Khayyam once said: "You can not offend a friend, as you will find a new enemy, but if you embrace the enemy, a new and, most likely, loyal friend will appear."

Roman writer Gaius Petronius The arbitrator stated:"Friends are known only in need. Declare to those around you that you have become a poor man, and see how many people are near you. These are real friends who can not be called hypocrites and flatterers. "

sayings about friends

The German writer Georg Christophe Lichtenberg also expressed his interest in friendship: "True friends would not remain friends if they knew each other's true thoughts."

All these wise statements reallycontain such phrases, words and sentences, of which not everyone thinks about. After all, if each of us recognizes himself a poor man or learns the thoughts of his "real" friend, then the world will completely lose the trusting relationship between people.

Sayings about female friendship

It's very hard for girls to live without secrets and gossip.And with whom can they share their secrets? Only with a friend. After all, it's not always a secret to trust parents or husband, because they also want to complain. About female friendship there are also funny or wise statements:

1. In women's friendship, the person who has been deceived even once ceases to believe.

2. In female friendship there is no place for betrayal.

3. Female friendship ends when a man stands up between them, who likes both.

3. In the women's team you can learn about yourself a lot of interesting and new.

4. If the girls are united by the past, present and future, then there can not be real female friendship, because there are too many secrets that sooner or later come to the surface.

5. At the moment when you fall, the real girlfriend will not be sorry, but lie down next to you and will laugh for a long time to cheer you up.

statements about friends and friendship with meaning

Some girls do not believe in female friendship. However, after reading the above statements, we can conclude that there are still exceptions.

Funny sayings about friendship

There are not only wise words and phrases. We offer to read funny statements about friends and friendship:

1. A true friend is the person who comes running to you at night and tells you how much he loves life and his friends.

2. When you say that you do not want to live, a true friend says: "Well, then let me go to heaven with you."

statements about friends and friendship

3. A true friend, knowing that you are abnormal, will never tell anyone about this, but will argue that he is the same.

4. In friendship you need to be able not only to divide the umbrella for two, but also the hood too.

5. A real friend will watch a very interesting film at the same time and talk to you on the phone.

Funny statements about friends and friendship toowith meaning. After all, in time, only the most reliable and trusted friends remain who will not even think of betraying a person. All the others gradually evaporate, disappear and they have neither the time nor the desire to remember.