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Questions that you can ask a guy to meet

Most girls who meet for the first timeyoung man, do not know how to behave with him. And this is due not only to a certain shyness and modesty, which even today are not uncommon, but also with ignorance of the principle of dialogue with the opposite sex. Today we decided to help modern girls deal with this problem and for this they picked up the most pressing questions that one can ask a guy during a close acquaintance.

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What kind of communication can be?

In connection with the development of interactive technologiesCommunication today is possible not only with personal contact, but also remotely. In other words, young people can get acquainted and communicate on the Internet or by phone. To do this, they tend to use social networks, forums, dating sites and special applications, messengers and other devices. But even with the help of such tools and devices it is very difficult to pick up questions that you can ask a guy.

The main advantage of virtual communicationis the ability to talk without the necessary eye contact. Simply put, you can simply correspond and not see each other. Although, if you want, you can connect to the camera and talk to your interlocutor online.

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The simplest questions for conversation

So, there is absolutely no difference what kindcommunication you have chosen, there are quite standard questions that you can ask the guy. For example, at the first acquaintance it is customary to be represented. So start by introducing yourself and, of course, find out his name.

If communication takes place on the Internet, it isit's appropriate to ask if your boyfriend's name is real. The same goes for his photograph. This is due to the fact that now it is fashionable to install in your profile photos of your favorite characters, famous personalities, models, etc. The same applies to names. If necessary, you can copy the link to the image and enter it into the search. Thus, you will find out whether the photo belongs to your prospective acquaintance or not.

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How to arrange the interlocutor to yourself?

It is said that the first impression wewe produce on completely unfamiliar people, is the most truthful. Therefore, before starting a conversation, it is important to think over the questions that you can ask the guy at your first meeting. At the same time, they should be chosen in such a way as to make a pleasant impression of you and to encourage further communication.

Start your dialogue with the simplest questions, notwho need long reflection and self-disclosure. And only then your conversation will easily be tied up and smoothly flow into a more positive channel. For example, you can ask what your interlocutor likes to do in his spare time, how he spent his day, what interesting he saw or heard.

Thus, you yourself without knowing it,will express an interest in the life of your new acquaintance and do not cross the line of his personal space. But what questions can you ask the guy to learn a little interesting about his character and habits, we will tell further.

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What questions should I ask about hobbies?

According to many psychologists, in order toTo get some information about the habits and character of your chosen one, you need to learn about his hobbies. A hobby can tell a lot about the person with whom you communicate. For example, if your boyfriend is interested in sports, it speaks of his high temperament. This is especially evident if he leads an active lifestyle and loves various physical activities.

According to psychologists, people interested in sports,very sociable, resilient and enterprising. As a rule, they are leaders in nature. If your friend is collecting something, you are dealing with a very reckless, but also at the same time shy person, prone to solitude. It is said that such personalities are very reliable, although pragmatic.

If your buddy is seduced by modeling, thisspeaks of him as an intelligent and restrained person with incredible endurance. After all, you need to put a lot of effort and patience to collect very small details of the mosaic or any model. Therefore, if you want to know what character traits your interlocutor has, be sure to ask the guy a good question. How you can get an answer in this case will depend on the question. Ask him if he has a hobby or is he interested in anything besides studies, work.

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How to make your partner trust you?

It happens that the first time failsto endear the interlocutor. But it's never too late to change everything. To do this, start asking, trying to grope your common interests. For example, these may be questions of the following nature:

  • What movies do you like?
  • What are your favorite characters?
  • Which actors do you like?
  • What kind of music do you listen to?
  • What styles of music do you like?
  • Do you like live performances or prefer to look in the recordings?
  • What kind of sport do you like?
  • Do you follow every broadcast or do you like to personally attend the game of your favorite team?

This is just a sample list of those questionsYou can ask a guy when meeting. But in what order to ask, decide for yourself. All questions are pretty simple. However, they will help to establish a dialogue and will arrange the interlocutor to you.

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What interesting questions can you ask a guy?

If your task at the first communication -to interest your friend, you should come up with a number of interesting questions. For example, if you are in different cities, ask him which places he would advise you to see. Imagine that you are a tourist who is interested in everything. Feel free to ask him about the journey, original routes, snack options, etc.

Ideally, put together an interestingtourist route and ask him to show you the city. After all, he will be able to tell you a lot of interesting things, and even what is not usually written in beautiful tourist booklets.

In this case, set a goal to make a plan.joint action. Work in pair always brings together. In addition, your interlocutor will understand that in some certain measure you need. And what questions you can ask a guy to interest him in a joint walk around the city will depend on the end result of your communication.

Ask him if he could be yours for a while.guide and show places of interest in your city. Be sure to praise him, saying that, in your opinion, he would have turned out to be a great guide through the vast expanses of a familiar city.

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Questions about the future

Sometimes in order to understand how serious or reasonable your friend is, it is enough to ask him a few questions about his future. Ask him, for example, about the following plans:

  • What university is he going to do after school?
  • Which faculty?
  • Who is going to be after school?
  • Is further education planned elsewhere?
  • Does he intend to study within his native country or wants to go abroad?

If your partner has been studying at an institute or university for a long time, you can ask him the following:

  • Who is he studying for?
  • Do you plan to work in the specialty?
  • Does he like the profession he chose?
  • What does he want to be?
  • Does he have further plans for the future? (Perhaps he plans to continue his studies or go somewhere to practice).

When the guy has already learned and works

If your boyfriend has already graduated from high school and is working, ask him such questions:

  • Does he like the position he holds?
  • Does he think he deserves a better job?
  • How does he plan to pursue promotion or career growth?

In other words, the list of questions will be directlyDepend on what your opponent does. If your interlocutor has no plans at all, you are dealing with a frivolous person. About such people say that they live one day. In this case, it is worth considering whether you need such a person and whether you should continue to communicate with him further. But what to do if your friend is not indifferent to you? Are there certain questions you can ask a guy who likes?

What to ask if you like a guy?

If the guy with whom you want to start an acquaintance, you like, ask him questions that you want to get answers. For example, ask him the following:

  • Does he live with his parents?
  • What area does he live in?
  • What topics does he like to communicate with?
  • Does he like to chat with you?
  • Would he like to meet you again?
  • How much do you like him? And is he ready for a relationship with you?
  • Or is he ready exclusively for friendship?

В конечном счете, не бойтесь задавать любые direct questions that need a direct answer. Remember that you have nothing to lose. Even if further communication with the chosen guy does not work out for you, it’s better than to languish in ignorance or think up possible answers for him.