/ What is masturbation? The truth and fiction about the physiological phenomenon

What is masturbation? The truth and fiction about the physiological phenomenon

Masturbation is a stage of life of 99% of men and 76% of women.That is why almost everyone cares about questions, speculation, rumors related to this phenomenon. Let's try to figure out what masturbation is and how harmful it is for a person.

The problems of masturbation have been studied for a long time, but due to the intimacy of the topic, many are embarrassed to seek information on this topic.

When asked about what masturbation is,physiologists respond very simply, intelligibly. It is getting maximum physiological pleasure, which is achieved by stimulating the sexual organs without attracting a partner. Boys discover for themselves this forbidden pleasure of about twelve years (although each has its own time).

Immediately make a reservation that nothing is reprehensible,harmful to health, provoking craziness in this way of enjoyment is not. It is completely explained by physiology. Growing up, boys (and girls too) begin to know themselves, to be interested in their body, their feelings. Their sexual organs develop, the libido grows, and with it an incomprehensible, but very strong feeling, which makes a teenager nervous, sharply change the mood. Adults know what an excitement is - it's normal. However, teenagers, with whom it is not customary in our country to talk about masturbation, intuitively seek a way to relieve tension. And find it. And because masturbation delivers a strong physical pleasure, they can resort to it more often, especially boys. Teenage masturbation is a normal physiological process associated with the maturation of the body. Usually, with proper upbringing, normal socialization for about 16-18 years, the phenomenon of "masturbation" gradually passes, giving way to a normal sexual life. Masturbation in girls also occurs frequently, but is caused by the same reasons.

But what is masturbation in terms of not veryeducated people? It was always thought that this was a great sin. He was persecuted by the church, his parents punished him severely (and sometimes cruelly). It was believed that masturbation is extremely draining the nervous system, leading to insanity, infertility. Today it is proved that all this has not the slightest relation to the truth. But, as usual, there is no smoke without fire. Rumors do not arise out of the blue, they need soil. And such soil was always.

As mentioned above, almost all men andmost women have at least once in life engaged in self-satisfaction, often not realizing what they really did. But the touch to the genitals and the subsequent explosion of pleasure intuitively suggested that they were doing something forbidden.

In general, it does not even matter whether a teenager masturbates consciously or unconsciously. He still feels pleasure mixed with a sense of guilt. This is well known to psychologists.

What is masturbation from their point of view?Psychologists, like all other representatives of medicine, agree that this is a normal physiological process. They are sure that he does not bring any tuberculosis, anemia, or other negative manifestations. But make a small reservation. A teenager, psychologists believe, excessively addicted to self-satisfaction, feels some emptiness, which is also normal. Adults know this relaxation after having good sex. And they know how difficult it is right after sex to move to active work.

So the adolescent's emptiness, which follows masturbation, helps to disperse attention, some abstraction from reality.

Many, if not all, teenagers are afraid that abouttheir lessons are learned by parents. They either try to curb the build-up of tension, or hide to do self-satisfaction. Some, after listening to horror stories about the serious consequences for health and psyche, are experiencing nervous stress.

It turns out that because of the lack of education of some people, the usual physiological process can lead to a nervous breakdown.

Do not scold adolescents for self-satisfaction, notfrighten them. Better let them read relevant literature, visit a psychologist, distract their minds with a useful and interesting thing. Remember: masturbation is not a sin, but an ordinary age phenomenon.