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How to teach your husband a lesson for disrespect: advice of psychologists. How to teach a husband to respect his wife

Family relations are, unfortunately,not only mutual understanding and love. It's also quarrels, scandals, resentments, disappointments. In general, everything happens. And what should I do? How can I teach my husband for disrespect? The advice of psychologists will help to understand this situation. After all, to let such a situation on its own in any case impossible.

how to teach a lesson to a husband for disrespecting the advice of psychologists

How can I teach my husband for disrespect? Tips of psychologists: gather your thoughts

Every woman to hear insults in her address,of course, unpleasant. Naturally, there is a desire to offend in response or in general forever to cease communication with this person. The situation is absolutely different when humiliation and insults come from the side of one's own spouse. First, his words hurt much more painfully. After all, he knows perfectly well how and where to "hit" you with a word, in order to hurt and get hooked more precisely. Secondly, to leave and not to return is much more difficult. You still have ties of marriage, children, friends and relatives, a common living space, financial dependence. Thinking about what to do in this situation, a woman, as a rule, starts to rush from side to side. But to decide on a certain rational action can not. So it can last for years. But it's just unbearable. It is necessary to understand how to teach a lesson to a husband for disrespect. The advice of psychologists in this case will be very welcome. First of all, you need to decide not what to do, but what will happen if you do something, but it's wrong.

What is the reason?

So, we are acting! How can I teach my husband for disrespect? The advice of psychologists can be different, but all specialists, like one, say that you need to identify the essence of what is happening, the reason for this behavior.

In most cases, women believe thatthe reason lies in themselves. That they something "did not have time", then "did not", then "did not please". Then they are "bad mothers", then "bad cooks", then "untrustworthy wives". In fact, this is not so. These are only grounds for the spouse to find fault and throw out his negative. The real reason lies in the fact that the husband is sadistic in this couple specifically. He enjoys the humiliation of the weak. A sadist can not be confused with any other person. All of us, of course, people. Everyone can sometimes swear and be rude. However, in the case of a sadist, everything is completely different. His insults are full of dreadful filth. In the lexicon there are expressions designed not just to call a person, but to offend, cause pain, and humiliate.

how to teach a lesson to a husband for disrespect

The main thing is to act!

Once you start thinking about how toto teach your husband for disrespect - the advice of psychologists will be your best helper. In principle, it is impossible to change such a spouse either by persuasion, by conspiracies, by coding, or by hypnosis, and even more so does servility in front of him. Accordingly, to expect that everything is automatically formed and adjusted, does not make any sense. That is, it is necessary to start active operations. It is not necessary to change her husband. It is necessary to seek protection for themselves and children.

Fatal mistake

Not every woman thinks about howto teach the husband for contempt. The fact is that the representatives of the weaker sex are accustomed to adapt to different situations. To adversity in life, including. Moreover, our women are much more patient by the nature of the mentalite than elsewhere. It's no wonder that they are so simply and easily ready to accept humiliations and insults from a man, slowly accustomed to them. And this, of course, is their fatal mistake.

Insulting and humiliating his wife, throwing at her addressmuck, the husband inflicts a painful blow to her psyche. Even if she endures all this, nothing good will bring it. But the most terrible thing is that each time these attacks "take a course to raise." If initially it was the only rude word, then in time there will be a dozen of them. And then the blows can follow. As a result, a woman can not realize herself in life, a hobby, work, feel joy and love. She can only expect daily attacks.

how to teach a lesson to her husband for disrespectful advice

Beat on children

But most of all from such violence ourchildren. Unfortunately, among many women there is such an opinion that for a child the presence of absolutely any father is very important - let the tyrant and despot, let him call and humiliate, let the alcoholic, if only he was. Women console themselves with the fact that he is still a father. Moreover, they are sure of this, if they do not touch the kids. They suffer everything for the sake of marriage and financial assistance.

Naturally, this is the greatesterror. For the child, the mother is always the person who provides protection. If they yell at her and cause pain, then the child loses the sense of security. Accordingly, it receives stress. And this is fraught with negative consequences. Some children begin to steal and lie, others - to fear death, and others - to torture animals.

Problems with the child on the one hand and the humiliation ofhusband with another people are rarely associated. And in vain. Communication is the most direct. Therefore, a woman who wants to maintain peace in her family, it is necessary to figure out how to teach her husband a disrespect. There are many Soviets. The main thing is to choose exactly what you need. Stop at the best option.

how to teach a husband a disrespectful method

The most negative outcome

The most terrible consequences can be expectedIf your children have a sound vector. The ears of these children are hypersensitive. That is, they generally require quiet sounds and calm. If the father screams at his mother, moreover, and throws down humiliating words, such a child not only loses a sense of security, like other children - he also gets a powerful blow to the most sensitive zone. Hearing terrible screams, he can gradually lose touch with the outside world, withdraw into himself. It sometimes leads even to autism or schizophrenia.

In general, a woman, especially if she is a mother,you must protect your family. Take the necessary actions that could help in this situation. In a word, to do everything for the husband to respect and appreciate his wife.

how to teach a lesson to a husband for disrespecting psychology

Excessive attention

Итак, следующий этап.You understand the causes and draw conclusions. Now it is necessary to decide how to teach the husband a lesson for disrespect. In psychology, there are several ways. The main thing is to correctly identify the problem. If you still love your husband, you should not make him suffer. This task lies in the fact that he could understand his own guilt, understand which mistake he made, and what kind of pain he caused.

Start paying him too much attention.Most likely, it will not be easy at all. However, it's worth a try. Make compliments, pleasant surprises, arrange romantic dinners. What for? Looking at your efforts, the spouse will be able to understand what was really wrong, that you are the best woman, that no one will ever care about him like you do. Realizing all this, he will begin to suffer remorse, to repent in the depths of his soul. And self-flagellation, as is known, is the best punishment. If your spouse has only offended you a little - do so.

that the husband respected and appreciated his wife


The next way.How can I teach my husband for disrespect? Effective method, the opposite of the above-described - inattention from your side. If your husband does not see how you are trying to please him, he forgets important dates, of course, this is very insulting. However, you should not shout and swear. Just be silent. He will remember everything he forgot about.

Suppose your husband promised to return to dinner. Himself without warning goes with friends in a cafe or bar. Do to him in retaliation is the same. Let him feel himself in your place.

Has the spouse ceased to thank you for the cooked meal? He thinks fried potatoes are ordinary? Stop cooking for him at all. Leave several times without breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Constantly says that you do not do anything while sitting at home? What for to suffer nagovory? Sit at the computer or sit in front of the TV. Do not do anything really. Let him know what it's like.

You want to teach your husband a lesson for what he claims,as if you are on vacation on a maternity leave? Leave him for the whole day with the baby. Well, arrange a day of shopping with your friends or visit the spa. Hardly after that, he can say that caring for a child is simple and easy.

In case of treason

Probably, this way one of the mostterrible troubles, when the husband does not respect his wife. What to do in this case? Someone can not forgive the spouse and simply part with him. But many loving women, who are not without treacherous traitors to their lives, are not ready to take this step.

The easiest way is to declare a boycott.Stop washing and ironing his things, cooking, helping with something. In general, completely ignore her husband. Communicate with him only in case of emergency. Do not forget only that this method is rather risky. With this attitude, the spouse can simply go to another woman. But think: do you really need such a husband?

One of the most difficult ways of punishmentfaithful is indifference. Pretend that his betrayal of you is completely indifferent. Surely he expects from you scandals, screams, hysterics. And you will behave as if nothing had happened. Make fun of the matter from time to time over the fact of his betrayal. In this case, he will certainly begin to suffer remorse. He will ask you to forgive and try to justify yourself. Any man will come to a shock from such a reaction. In the head there will be thoughts that you have stopped loving him, about the need to atone for your guilt somehow. According to many psychologists, this will serve as an excellent lesson for the future for your spouse.

In case of drunkenness

Ещё одна большая проблема.Why does the husband not respect his wife, bringing her to nervous breakdowns with her daily booze and gala? Perhaps unable to cope with this addiction? Or maybe not even trying, making it out of pure egoihism or, worse, spouse out of spite?

What to do? To begin to take into account absolutely all the consequences that his drinking affects. If this happens regularly, destroys your plans, it is necessary to teach a good lesson.

It is best to put the husband in the most impartialthe form. Show him how stupid he looks when he's drunk. Unleash your imagination, picking up punishment. You can cover his nails with bright varnish, and hide the nail polish away. Give back only when he asks for your forgiveness. You can draw a mustache with a waterproof marker or write an indecent word on your forehead. You can make up your lips. And you can even cut the clothes in which he came in the morning to ask where he was wearing.

husband does not respect wife what to do


Let's sum up.How to teach a husband to respect his wife? Just love yourself. And respect yourself. Do not let your spouse be rude to you, offend, change or beat. But if this happened, first of all be sure to teach a lesson. Perhaps it was the first and only time ... And do not forget to talk with her husband openly after that. Try to find out what motivated them in any given situation. Who knows, suddenly it will make you look at the situation with different eyes?