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What is the sign of the girl's sympathy for the guy?

In the relationship between a man and a womanthe first step is considered to be the responsible moment. It's hard for many to step over their shyness, insecurity, fear of getting rejected. It's good to be a psychic, knowing in advance about the sincerity of the words and feelings of the partner. But, unfortunately, most can not read the thoughts of a girl with whom they are keen to get to know each other. What should they do? How to understand, feel the reciprocity of the person you are interested in, or not?

The psychology of relations, science,which describes the first signs of the girl's love and sympathy for the boy. This is manifested in gestures, facial expressions, responses to the words of a young man. Having become acquainted with the observations of specialists in the field of human relationships, it is much easier for a guy to approach the first and get acquainted, knowing that they will not hear a mockery or insulting refusal in return.

Gestures of a girl in love

When a girl likes a guy, her firstturn give out involuntary, uncontrollable gestures. At a casual meeting, she takes the most advantageous position for herself. Having beautiful legs, she will demonstrate them, putting one on top of another or exposing forward, will begin to straighten her hair. If the strands are long, then the first sign of the girl's sympathy for the guy will be winding the hair around her finger, shaking her head or throwing them on one side, exposing her ear.

a sign of the girl's sympathy for the guy

Hands the girl will correct, nervous,clothes, unknowingly touching the waist and hips. During a conversation with someone, seeing the young man who is interested in her, the voice will grow louder, the gesture will be more active. In this way attention is drawn to his person. If a guy turns to a girl with a question, she may be embarrassed and even blush. But this applies to very modest people, although even the smartest girl will feel embarrassed when experiencing real feelings.

Facial expression

If a girl is really in love, she willtry to keep your lover in sight. Wherever you move, it will be secretly watching, wanting to know more about you. One of the obvious signs of a girl's sympathy for a guy is lowering her eyes downwards or looking away when the guy looks at her.

signs of the girl's sympathy for the guy at work

The modest man will do so always.More coquettish representatives of the weaker sex, can openly flirt, look straight in the eyes, smiling furtively. A more shy girl in conversation with her beloved will bite her lips with excitement or lick them as if they were dry.

Acquaintance in public places

There are situations when I likea girl on the beach, in a park, at a disco, in a nightclub. How to be in such circumstances? How to figure out whether a girl will want to meet you or give a categorical refusal. You just need to carefully observe the behavior of your chosen one. Usually the girl immediately intuitively feels the location of her men. In response, she can easily smile at the opposite look. It will give out and deliberately inviting sexual walk, when it passes you.

what a sign of the girl's sympathy for the guy

If at this time she meets friends andleads a lively conversation, it will be an accidental glance in your direction. A clear sign of the girl's sympathy for the guy will be demonstrative coquetry with one of the guys in her company, while the look is directed toward you, waiting for the reaction of jealousy. Loud, deliberate laughter is a means to attract attention to one's personality.

If you are interested in a girl, she cansit down to you closer. For example, in the park choose a bench nearby. On the beach, move on a deckchair, supposedly adjusting the towel, turn in your direction or go swimming at one time with you. When exiting the water can defiantly long wipe the towel, shaking the hair. Spreading the body with a tanning cream in front of your eyes will be an irrefutable sign of the girl's sympathy for the guy.

Meeting at the disco

If you came to a disco or nightclub, thenyour purpose is clear. You want to find yourself a girlfriend. But how to get acquainted with it, when from all directions the music, twilight and friends loudly screams, which are constantly distracting. In fact, not everything is as complicated as it seems at first glance. Sitting at the table, you can first look around and choose the girl you like. Then start watching her behavior. Believe that your close attention will be noted. Next, watch the reaction to your increased interest.

sign of the girl's sympathy for the boy as show

If a girl looks at you often, she triesdance near, smiling from under the lowered eyelashes, you can first invite her to a slow waltz. There's nothing to worry about, because inviting girls to a dance is accepted, and there's no reason to deny you. During intercourse the guy can embrace her and also observe the reaction, she will move away or she will move closer.

What sign of a girl's sympathy for a guy canpush to the first date, choose yourself. You can invite her to go outside to refresh or smoke. There, in a quieter atmosphere, talk, get acquainted. If the girl is happy to go to contact, you can offer to go to a quieter place or express a desire after a disco to take her home.

Relationships at work

Working in a large team is not always easyto establish close relations, especially when acquaintance with the girl is superficial. By what signs of the girl's sympathy for the guy at work, can she be invited to go on a first date? If a young person likes, then a colleague will often visit the department where his workplace is located, apply to him with requests, for starters concerning work. Then she needs help with the printer, then with the computer, then with something else.

At lunch break in the cafe will certainly beto be in sight. If the work places are close, then when meeting the eye will sharply look away, and when you turn away, then again will follow your every step. Will try to look well-groomed and beautiful, fashionable to dress, do a manicure. Begin acquaintance and a closer relationship with the clarification of working moments.

sign of the girl's love and sympathy for the boy

Then go on to personal topics of conversation orto find out interests outside of work, what he likes to do, where he walks in the evenings, how he spends his free time. If a girl with joy and actively shares with you personal data, then you are not indifferent to her.

Recommendations for guys

Young people can be advised to be bolder andself-confident. You should know that in the world there is always your second half. If you have not found it today, then you have time to search tomorrow. Knowing the signs of the girl's sympathy for the guy, as they manifest themselves in different life situations, you will not go wrong in your observations.

But only personal communication can reveal to the endthe girl's true attitude towards you. Appearance is often deceptive, and not always liked at first sight a young woman can become a soul mate. But, as they say, who seeks, he always finds. The main thing is to believe in yourself. Good luck!