/ How to apply pheromones at home?

How to apply pheromones in the home?

Pheromones are a kind of chemical substance,which are produced in the human body by apocrine glands. These glands are located, mainly, in the armpits, in the inguinal, anal region. There are various pheromones: evidence of readiness for sexual intercourse, of danger and others.

Today we will consider sex pheromones. Now this topic is discussed quite hot: can we draw the opposite sex by spraying ourselves with pheromones, become more sexual.

To date, there are several large firms in the world that produce perfumes with pheromones. But how effective they are and whether the original products reach us remains a matter for us.

Let's talk a little about what kind of "beasts" are these, pheromones?

Pheromones are produced by both men and women.In the animal world, too, there is a system of pheromones, when the female during ovulation spreads attracting substances for her fertilization. It was proved that in women, during ovulation, more pheromones with vaginal secretions are produced. During ovulation, a woman becomes more attractive to men, they begin to notice in her appearance what they did not notice before.

Sex pheromones can not be felt withusing the olfactory organ, since it does not smell, but we perceive these signals with the help of a vomeronasal organ that is located in the nose. Then the impulses come from him into the hypothalamic-pituitary system, which controls almost all the biochemical processes in the human body.

Thus, many do not even suspect why they like this man (woman), and not the other.

Male pheromones are called androsterone, theyare produced together with sebum in the armpits of men, in the hair and face in the region of the nasolabial triangle. Thanks to these substances, a man looks much more attractive and sexy, causing excitement and desire for the opposite sex. At the same time, many women wonder how this, to put it mildly, unattractive man, could seduce her, but as soon as he appears alongside, all questions disappear on their own. But this wealth is not every man, but only about ten percent of the male population. It is for this reason that some men are held in high esteem and adored, while others are pushed aside.

Female pheromones are called kopulin, pheromones inhome conditions are also invisible to ordinary people, but for men who feel them they are the sexiest and most attractive women. At each woman the quantity of pheromones varies. Thanks to these invisible chemicals, a woman can evoke the desire of a man with just one appearance.

There is a theory that between people of the opposite sex there is a feeling of love, affection, sexual desire based on the compatibility of their pheromones.

Pheromones at home have not yet been produced by anyone. They are produced in limited quantities in specially equipped plants with the help of long and complex technologies.

However, it is possible to spray pheromones in domesticconditions, for this you will need perfume with pheromones, only quality. Then you can attract the object of your adoration to yourself, place it to yourself and cause it to have a sexual desire. Also, if you use spirits and sprinkle pheromones at home, you can invite him to visit, and he will not have time to understand what happened, how will it be in your bed.

But do not think that pheromones will help you become better than you are. They only affect the external and sexual attractiveness, but they can not make you smarter, more interesting or kinder.