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How to properly embrace a girl: instruction and tips

Want to hug a girl for the first time, but do not know how?Or maybe, you have been together for a long time, but have not understood how to determine the moment when it is worthwhile to use the cute hugs? Let's try to figure out how to properly embrace a girl with whom you start a relationship, continue or until now only friendship.

how to properly embrace a girl

Find the right moment

The first and most important rule of good embraces -this is the selection of the right moment. Many young people find it very difficult to determine when a girl is ready for this. And often there is such a problem: the guy put his arm round the waist, and she called him and ran away.

What is the right moment to call it right?

  • When you first met.This embrace will be interpreted as "I'm glad to see you" or "I really missed you". But do not lean heavily on a fragile girl, just simply lightly embrace it as a friendly gesture.
  • Emotional moment.The girl complains about something to you, or on the contrary she shared a joyful event - a time for hugs. And again, remember that the girl is not a man and clapping on the back with all the scope with the cries of "cheers, well done" - not a good idea.
  • At parting. Again a pleasant gesture, saying that you will miss the companion.
    embraced her waist

How to understand that a girl wants to be hugged?

If we want to understand how to properly embracea girl, it is worthwhile to realize the most important thing - the language of her body. It is very important to catch non-verbal signs (that is, not those that say words) that the girl already dreams that you will hold her to yourself. The list of signs is attached below, but remember that these are only stereotyped, and each girl is an individual:

  1. The girl looks at you, smiles and looks into your eyes.
  2. He winds his locks on his finger, touches his hair, as if drawing your attention to them.
  3. When you sit together, she tries to reduce the distance, and her feet and hips are directed toward you.
  4. It touches you during the conversation. Can gently touch your shoulder or pat on it when you're joking.
  5. Reduces the distance by using requests to evaluate her perfume or beads.

How to understand that the girl does not want to be hugged?

To successfully understand how to properly embraceMan, you should also understand when she is not ready to cuddle. And if in the case of long-term relationship you can already understand about the mood of the girl, then with new friends can be difficult.

Does the girl turn away and not look into your eyes?Going back a step when you are shortening the distance? Her lips are tight, and she does not laugh at your jokes? Disturbing signs, but do not mean that you are disgusted with the girl. It is possible that she believes that a guy and a girl hug only after a long acquaintance, and it's just not time yet.

You can not hug a girl, it's not only wrong, but it can completely destroy the relationship between you.

the guy and the girl are hugging

Hints for hugs

Supplement the article with some tips on how to properly embrace a girl:

  • Remember the means of hygiene. After the sport, you must take a shower, otherwise you can scare off the lady with "fragrances."
  • Do not rush at the girl all of a sudden. Embrace is a smooth process.
  • Establish contact, listen to the girl and to what she says.
  • Do not cuddle too long if you are not a couple in love.
  • Do not pull your hands up sharply.

Many girls do not really like to cuddle. It is worth to find out if the girl is gentle with you, but does not react to the embrace.

For couples who are already in a lasting relationship,it is usually not difficult to understand when one of the parties needs support. However, if you have problems with this, try the trial and error method. If the girl says that she does not want to cuddle, this does not mean that she has stopped loving or cheating on you. It is likely that she is used to experiencing some emotions inside herself, and you disturb her cocoon. But she will gladly share the joyful moments with you. Embrace more often - it brings together!