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An unusual wedding cake. Original ideas. Decoration of cakes

Professional confectioners will help translate intolife is the original design of your wedding treat. The usual options are chosen for the holiday in a classical style, and for a themed celebration, something untypical is ideal. Choosing an unusual wedding cake, you will not only decorate and sweeten your solemn day, but also surprise the guests!

Cakes of sweets

Modern newlyweds rarely choose thisoption of refreshments. When you create a cake, you use ready-made sweets of all colors and flavors. Sometimes the basis of delicacy are cakes, and decorations consist of small sweet delicacies. You can make a whole dessert of sweets: a skilled confectioner will create for you a very delicious handmade candy and make a cake out of them. Decorate the dessert with caramel patterns, sweet "sea stones", candies and marmalade - plenty of room for imagination.

Classic style

Have chosen a wedding white weddingcake, but at the same time want it to be anything different? Light color emphasizes the style of celebration, which you can decorate and supplement with the help of ornaments. Dilute the white composition with patterns, silver beads, place edible flower petals on the side of the cake - all this will add extra tenderness and elegance to the dessert.

Make a white wedding cake is more original withusing the filling. Let your dessert look usually only outside. Add the chocolate filling, complement it with fruits and nuts. Guests will definitely like this choice.

White wedding cake

Chocolate and Strawberries

Many people associate strawberries with love,romance. This berry perfectly matches with bitter chocolate, which, unfortunately, not all guests will like. If you do not want to risk, choose a wedding dessert impregnated with fruit syrup and decorated with strawberries, which is covered on top with a thin layer of milk delicacy. The chocolate fountain, decorated with fresh and delicious berries - is a perfect addition to the fruit treat.

Colored wedding

Unusual options for themed weddings canto offer confectioners. Think about ordering a blue wedding cake for the celebration. In combination with white inserts, beautiful flowers, patterns and patterns, it is ideal for a themed wedding in blue. You can also add colored satin ribbons to white dessert.

Blue wedding cake

Spend a red wedding?Inserts of this color will turn the treat into a real work of art. It will look wonderful fashioned roses, patterns and drawings. Decorate the dessert with strawberries, add the strawberry jam to the filling.

Exquisite drawings and delicate lace cancombine a culinary dessert made in black tones. This will really surprise your guests. Decorate the cake can be dark pearls, which symbolizes the strength and value of the feelings of the newlyweds.

Flower variant

For a refined and gentle celebration remarkablethe choice is a wedding cake with flowers. Order multicolored roses from oil cream, beautiful lilies from mastic, unusual petals from chocolate. Being a classic decoration, flowers can become a hallmark of any wedding.

Wedding cake with flowers

Recently, the popularity is gainingdecorating the main dessert of the celebration with fresh flowers that can transform and make the original even the most ordinary cake. They can be combined with a bouquet of the bride, have the color theme of the festival. What will be your wedding cake with flowers, depends only on your imagination.

Sweet cakes

A new popular trend in wedding fashion -cakes based on pastries. This is a multi-tiered composition made up of a large number of cakes, cupcakes, profiteroles or capcasks. In the form of a cake, they are laid out on a stand, and each guest can take a cake with his favorite stuffing.

All sweets can be fastened together with caramelor condensed milk. The cake can be decorated with original sugar threads. If you want a yellow, green or blue wedding cake, choose as the main goodies macaroons. Thanks to the varied colors of this delicacy, you can choose the right one for you.

Unusual wedding cake

Multi-level cakes

Want to bring in your relationship a holiday andfun even at the initial stage of family life? Pay attention to the unusual multi-level treats. Before ordering such a cake, select its theme. The meal can illustrate the moment of dating the bride and groom. The image can be anything, the main thing is that it is close and important for the newlyweds.

Love Composition

Идеальным вариантом для свадебного торжества is a wedding cake-heart. This form symbolizes the boundless love and light feelings of the newlyweds. In order to make a heart-shaped treat, confectioners usually bake two separate cakes of different sizes and combine them with a cream or other impregnation. As an ornament, you can use fruits, berries or small hearts from candy or marmalade.

Wedding Cake Heart

Cake of cheese and meat

Кто сказал, что главное лакомство праздника Must be sweet? Some newlyweds choose an unusual wedding cake - salty. Make a treat with a filling of brie cheese, create layers of jellied or holland, add a layer of tender meat, just make sure that all products are compatible with each other. You can order a cake in the form of a hamburger, which further diversifies your holiday. Do not be afraid to experiment and try something new.


Usually the wedding dessert is decorated with flowers,butterflies or plain azure. Want to give the cake an individuality? Place a figurine on the confectionery - rings, hearts or swans will look great on the treat. As a result, you will get a delicious and unusual wedding cake.

Some confectioneries will be happy to createyour miniature copies, which will even more surprise your guests. Figures can be made in any form, it is not necessary to use the classical version. Think of a romantic miniature and put her heroes on dessert. Take into account the theme of the wedding. For example, if you are holding a Halloween party, you can place gothic figures in the center of the cake.

Wedding cake with fruits

Wedding Cake Decoration

  • Mastic.One of the most popular materials for decorating wedding treats. They consist of marmalade, condensed milk, sugar powder and dye. From the mastic can make a coating for the cake, as well as flat and three-dimensional figures (flowers, stars, letters, molds).
  • Aising (powdered sugar). It is a mixture of protein, sugar powder and lemon juice. Used for inscriptions, laces, various patterns.
  • Шоколад.You can pour the cake with glaze, sprinkle with shavings or make of intricate figures, beloved by all. You can use absolutely any chocolate. This sweetness is the perfect decoration of the wedding cake.
  • Waffles.Decorate the cake with a colorful waffle picture. From special confectionery paper you can also make butterflies, stars and flowers. If you make a wedding cake yourself, you can use ready-made waffles that are sold in any store. Just add the crumbled wafers as a powder.
  • Cream and cream. Mild cream is easy to make from butter, condensed milk, sugar, eggs and sour cream. In the mixture you can add dyes, decorate the finished result with fruits, berries or nuts.
  • Фрукты, ягоды и желе.If desired, you can make a wedding cake with fruits and berries - it's not only tasty, but also useful. Use any fruit. Ideal for bananas, strawberries, raspberries, kiwi, apples and even lemons. Fruits and berries can be covered with a small layer of jelly - so they will not darken and will hold better.

Wedding Cake Decoration

Colorful and unusual wedding cake - goodthe culmination of any solemn event. This moment is eagerly awaited by all guests, and ordinary treats will not surprise anyone. The original version will remain for a long time in your memory and in the memory of your guests.