How to Make Correct Sex

In order to achieve harmony in sex, beforeall, you need to find a good posture for mutual maximum satisfaction depending on the characteristics of partners in sex, having learned by heart the lessons of right sex. The point is that we should not forget about the psychological component of this aspect. Practice can help in finding the right posture. Let's talk about how different poses are perceived by different people, and what kind of pleasure they bring, and most importantly, how to correctly engage in sex.

Positions in which partners are face to face,satisfy in sex, above all the need for communication. After all, animals do not have such poses. And many people often need during sex is not so much pleasure in terms of orgasm, as much self-awareness of what happened the emotional merger of the two partners.

Poses when a man from above does not satisfy everyone.For many women this posture serves as a symbol of some kind of protection, a feeling that the male body covers it completely from everyone. So, it's so cozy. This pose is often called missionary. It is believed that this is the most ancient pose on earth. But, there are also such women who assert that for them it is a symbol of contempt or even indifference. Just in such a pose, those wives are engaged in sex who literally hate their husbands, and, accordingly, their affinity with them. So for maximum satisfaction, this position is not suitable. Therefore, when answering the question of how to correctly engage in sex, it is desirable to exclude the missionary posture for experienced partners. But, if there is a question, how to properly engage in first sex, then the missionary position is the most optimal option.

This can not be said about the posture in which a womanon. In principle, it is more pleasant for men, because, as a rule, a woman is much lighter than a man. However, with such sexual contact, the pressure on each other is much less, and naturally, the main activity in the process is provided only to the partner. Therefore, this posture is useful to more active women and very tired men. Of course, that in all poses is meant the activity of both partners. But in this position, the whole process, including the activity, is possessed by the woman. But the partner in the "woman on top" position can also move a little, or, simply, to press her partner to her. Pleasures from this pose are not received only by those men who consider themselves "cool". Since for them it is a kind of subjugation of a partner, which is simply unacceptable. In other cases, it gives pleasure to both partners in almost equal parts.

You can also try sitting posture.They belong to the group of the most uncomfortable poses, because they are not practiced as often as everyone else, but only for refined, refined and beautiful sex. Such poses require equality of partners, and primarily in growth. Since the smallest expenditure leads to the fact that this position becomes almost impossible. But it allows you to maximally contact with the eyes of a partner.

The "man behind" position is taken from animals, and requiresa separate conversation. People, most likely, this pose used very little in the first stages of the development of sexual relations. But eventually realized that it brings a lot of pleasure, both to a man and a woman. As you know, many men are very fond of this pose. The fact is that a man in this position does not see the face of his partner. And this often brings him psychological pleasure. He does not notice the small reactions of a woman, which means you can not really think about when she was pleased, and when it just hurts. To many, this is also satisfying because it is possible to imagine that you are facing another woman, not the one to whom you are accustomed. A certain type of men like it very much.

Finally, it is necessary to remind you which posture will suitto you. This choice depends entirely on the structure of your body and mind. So do not think that if a friend likes a certain pose, then she should like you. Try it, and choose which one is right for you for maximum pleasure. Do not forget about the recommendations of how to correctly engage in sex, described above. After all, sometimes it is not understanding the answer to the problem of how to properly engage in sex and is the reason for the discord of many couples.