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Signs on the wedding: what can you do that you can not for parents, guests, newlyweds? Customs and signs for a wedding for the bride

A wedding is perhaps one of the most important events in a person's life. This is an important step, radically changing life, connecting the two loving hearts into a single whole - the family.

Wedding chores are very exciting fornewlyweds, and for their relatives, relatives and guests. Each detail, every minute of the triumph, aimed at equipping the happiness of the young, is being thought through. In a word, a wedding! The signs and customs on this solemn day become especially relevant. Their goal is to protect the brothers from failures in conjugal happiness and preserve their love for long years. Of course, not all of them believe in the signs for the wedding (which can be done on this significant day), many regard them skeptically, consider prejudices, but their knowledge has not harmed anyone yet.

Signs before the wedding

  • Signs on the wedding for the bride say thatwedding in the new moon - to a happy new life, with a growing moon - to a rapid increase in money capital, on a full moon - life will be like a full cup. If you combine marriage with the waning moon, then all hardships and sorrows will go away.

  • If on the day of the wedding in the morning the newlyweds or relatives will get sneezed, this is fortunately.

  • The groom stumbled across the threshold of the woman's house - there will be another wedding.

  • Family life will develop if the bride on the night before the wedding wears a nightgown inside out, and under the pillow will put a mirror.

  • Signs on the wedding for the bride report: if the newlywed lost a glove or broke a mirror before the wedding, this is a bad omen.

  • On the eve of the wedding, the bride should never see the groom under any pretext, let alone the future spouse should not see her in the wedding dress, otherwise the marriage will be unhappy.

  • Until the wedding (painting) the bride should not see herself in the mirror in full vestments.

  • You can not give each other photos on your eve with your own image.

Signs about clothes and jewelry

  • The signs for the bride on the wedding day say thatto marry a happy darling must necessarily in shoes with a closed toe and heel. Then happiness does not leak out of the house. And if you put a copper coin in the right shoe, the life of the young will be successful and rich. To marry in sandals - to barefoot life.

  • If the bride helps to dress in a wedding attire a woman who has successfully lived in marriage for 7 years, then the bride will be healthy and successful.

  • The bride should not allow her friend to stand in front of her in front of a mirror, otherwise the latter will beat the bridegroom. The same applies to the groom and his friends.

  • Newlyweds with the purpose of protection from the evil eye are needed onclothes fastened with a head down the safety pin: the groom - in the area of ​​the fastening of the buttonhole, the bride - on the inside of the hem of the dress. Also, a happy woman is advised to make some stitches on the inside of the dress from the inside with blue threads: as the signs for the wedding of the newlyweds say, this will save the bride from the evil eye.

  • Old shoes on the bride - to luck in the new family. Therefore, for a day or two before the celebration, it is recommended to walk around in shoes that will be worn for a wedding.

  • Put the bride on the wedding of pearls - to her tears.

  • Jewelry for a solemn event should not be worn - only costume jewelry - this is how people's omens describe the wedding.

  • What can you do that you can not for your parents? On mums of both young should be put on one-piece dresses (not suits), so that the family life of their children would be without strife.

Wedding Dress

Wedding and wedding signs are one thing, because the solemn event is so significant that it is necessary to pay attention to every detail. This applies to the wedding dress of the bride:

  • The future wife is recommended in the wedding dress to sew a leaf lyubistka that love was stronger.
  • Nobody should be allowed to measure a wedding dress, even after the wedding.
  • It is believed that the longer the dress, the longer the family life.
  • Dress young should be whole, but not separate (for example, a corset and a skirt), so that there is no separate life.
  • The dress and underwear must be white.
    signs for the wedding of the newlyweds
  • The wedding dress should be worn only through the head - through the legs it is impossible.
  • It is recommended to keep the wedding dress all your life and not to sell it in any way in order to avoid the dissolution of the marriage.

The bride's bouquet

  • Wedding signs (what can you do that you can not doyoung) with a clear certainty that, in no case, the groom should not give a bouquet of his beloved to anyone else, until he gives it himself.

    wedding signs and customs

  • The bride should protect her bouqueta festive evening; if it is released, happiness will flee. At the wedding feast, you can put it in front of you on the table, and if there is a big need, then let the groom or his mother.

  • A wedding bouquet fell on the floor - to be another wedding in this house.

  • That of the girlfriends of the bride who will catch the wedding bouquet, the next will marry.

Wedding ring

Oh, these signs for the wedding! What can you do that you can not do with newlyweds with engagement rings? This issue is very exciting for young people.

  • Acquiring wedding rings is the duty of the groom.

  • Rings must be smooth, without stones and incisions, so that life is smooth, without the pitfalls.

  • The ring of the bride must be wider than the groom's ring.

  • No one should be given the wedding rings to the fitting: neither before nor after the wedding.

    signs for the bride on the wedding day

  • On the day of the wedding, no wedding rings can be worn.

  • Marriage with parental rings is a repetition of their family relations.

  • To lose an engagement ring is to parting, the disintegration of the family.

  • To drop a wedding ring before it is worn on a finger is a bad omen.

Before leaving the registrar office

  • When young people leave their parents' homein the palace of marriages, they should be sprinkled with money and rye - for a happy and rich family life. Repeat the same when they leave the registry office.

  • Leaving the house, the cars should loudly signal, scaring away any evil spirits in this way.

    signs for a wedding for the bride

  • On the way to the place of painting, young people should not look back, so as not to become attached to a past life.

  • When the bride goes to church, the mother gives her a family heirloom (a brooch, a cross, a bracelet, a ring) so that she protects her in her family life.

  • To get married sisters, the bride at the exit from the parents 'house is recommended to pull unnoticeably the tablecloth from the parents' table.

On the way to the registry office and in the registry office

Road to important event - importantcomponent of the solemn process. Therefore, it is also worth considering signs for the wedding. What can, what can not be done on the way to the registry office for young people, their parents and guests?

  • You can not cross the road to the bride and groom, so as not to deprive them of luck in life. If such a danger occurs, then a little ahead of the witness and witness must go.
  • In the registry office you need to go on different machines so that there is still time to think about such important changes in life.
  • The more confusing the route that the groom is going withthe bride, the happier their family life will be. In the old days, wedding trains chose the most intricate routes to the church in order to mislead the evil spirit in this way.
  • If the cat ran across the road, you need to go another route.
  • No one should pass between the bride and groom in order to have a happy and peaceful family life.
  • After leaving the registrar of the young go out, holding hands. Whoever has the hand on top will be the main one in the house.
  • If you touch the rings of the bride and the groom,so soon you will be walking at your wedding. If after the registrar, someone crosses the road to the bride and groom, it means that family life will not work. This is how time-tested signs for a wedding are broadcast.

What can that be impossible on the day of the marriage?

  • Before entering the house, young people need to break a plate for good luck.

  • The bride is already brought in by the lawful spouse in her arms in order to carry her in her arms all his life.

  • Throughout the evening, parents should ensure that no one straightened clothes on the young.

  • Dancing at a wedding should be married only together. If a dance with parents is planned, then after it parents should reconnect their children.

    wedding signs that you can not

  • If the bride has a heel broken, this is a “lame” family life.

  • If a dress is torn at the wedding, there will be an evil mother-in-law.


  • The box from the wedding rings in the process of the wedding takes one of her friends who wants to get married as soon as possible.

  • A wedding in a hat - to divorce, in a short veil - to sick children, without a veil - to deception and suffering.

  • The wedding candle must be protected and lit to help with the first birth.

    omens for the wedding that you can not

  • After the wedding, young people should simultaneously look together in one mirror - this is a sign of a long and happy life.

  • If it started to rain during the wedding, the young family will be well off.

  • If the bride drops her handkerchief while standing under the crown, be her widow.

  • Whose candle during the wedding burned first, he would die earlier.

  • If the candle suddenly went out, the young will face a difficult family life or an early death.

  • Wedding candles need to blow out at the same time, it will be the key to a long and happy life.


  • If the witnesses are divorced, then the marriage of the young will be threatened with decay.
  • If the witnesses are married, it is unfortunate.
  • If the witnesses are a married couple, their marriage will break up.

wedding and wedding omens


  • Before entering the hall, the newlyweds treat each other with salted bread. This should be the last time they annoy each other.
  • After the registrar, the most revered relative holds the young people around the holiday table three times, which symbolizes the inseparable connection of the couple.
  • Be sure to break the first glass of champagne - for good luck! If at the wedding tableware beats, it is fortunate.
  • At the wedding table, young people do not need to sit on chairs, but on the same bench in order for their family life to be friendly.
  • There is such an interesting sign: if the bride inadvertently drank from her husband's glass, then she will take her entire salary.
  • So that young people always have money, newlyweds under a bench put a handkerchief with dry cockroaches.
  • If someone of the guests dropped a piece of food on the floor, the young ones will always have a lot of treats.
  • If a friend of the bride inadvertently stepped on the hem of a wedding dress, it means to be married to her soon.
  • If the young man overturns a full glass, the spouse will drink.
  • If there are a lot of children at the wedding, it is a fun and noisy family life.
  • A special decoration of the table is a wedding cake. Cut it to the bride, and the groom supports the knife. The first piece of cake help young - for good luck.


As you know, no wedding in Russiagoes without "Bitter!". This custom is quite old and originated as follows: the young used to go around all the guests with a tray on which they deposited money. There was a cup on the tray, the guest drank it and said: “It’s bitter!” - as a sign that vodka was drunk, and not water. Next, the guest kissed the bride, sweetening the bitterness thus obtained from alcohol. Gradually, this method was replaced by the requirement of a kiss from the spouses.


An important aspect of the solemn day are gifts for the wedding. Signs regarding this part of an important day read:

  • You can not give sharp objects:knives, forks, carrying an aggressive energy that is able to fill a new family. If such a gift was presented, the donor should give a handful of coins so that there would be no trouble in life.
  • You can not give hours, because they will count the minutes and seconds of living together, and it will last as long as the gift will work.
  • It is recommended that spouses choose their own bed linen, because intimate life is a personal matter, not a public one.
  • You can not present towels and handkerchiefs, so as not to condemn the newlyweds to tears and sadness.
  • Иконы могут дарить только самые близкие люди:parents, grandmothers, godparents, because it is with such a valuable gift that the kind of energy is partially transferred into the hands of the young. If any of the invitees decided to make such a gift, then the icon must first be consecrated in the church.
  • You also can not give antiques that preserve the energy of the previous owners. After all, they will in their own way influence the young family, and this influence may not always be good.
  • You can not give a mirror.This is a magical object, and the astral projection of everything that a person sees in reality is reflected in it. As a wedding gift, the mirror will become a door to a parallel world (illusion), which will provoke the young to lead a double lifestyle.
  • It is impossible to present pearl jewelry to the bride, otherwise the latter will often cry and grieve in family life.
  • Also, guests should not give rings and cufflinks with amber, the energy of which can cause career failures. Such gifts are immediately recommended peredarivat.
  • For an even way of life as a gift, the bride needs to present a white tablecloth.
  • You can not give red roses.It is better for them to prefer a bouquet of wild flowers of daisies, cornflowers, lungwort and others, symbolizing love and tenderness. Original as a wedding bouquet will be lilies of the valley - a symbol of romance, happiness and loyalty. You can opt for a violet - a flower that symbolizes the purity of the soul and thoughts.

Signs for guests

Guests who came to congratulate the newlyweds should also know some signs of the wedding. What can, what can not guests on this important day for the young?

  • You can not come to the wedding in black clothes.
  • The number of guests at the wedding should be odd.
  • Seating guests should be done inaccording to their age. Young people sit with the bride and groom, then by seniority. The most elderly people sit down from the young at the opposite end of the table.
  • Those invited from the side of the bride are sitting towards her on the left side, the groom on the right side. After all, the left part of the space symbolizes the feminine principle, the right - the male.
  • Places for parents - at the end of the holiday table.

When to go for a wedding?

  • The best days for weddings and frescoes are Saturday and Sunday. By the way, Americans prefer Monday for such events. The second half of the day is most successful in measuring time frames.
  • Marry in May - century to suffer.
  • Previously, never walked the wedding in the days of posts:Great, Christmas, Assumption and Petrov. Svyatki (from the birth of Christ - January 7 - until the Epiphany - January 20) were also not recommended for marriage.
  • The best for marriage are odd numbers - the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and those that add up to the sum total.
  • You can not assign a wedding on the 13th.


  • Snow or rain for the wedding - fortunately.
  • Strong wind - to windy life.
  • If the weather was sunny on the wedding day, and then it began to rain, the family would live in abundance.
  • If a storm breaks out in the wedding process, be unhappiness.
  • If in a solemn day for the newlyweds a severe frost strikes, then the first boy will be born - strong and healthy.