/ Beautiful words to a girlfriend on your birthday

Beautiful words to a girlfriend on your birthday

Girlfriends are those people who always take ussupport, have fun and are sad with us and always give a positive charge of energy for a long time! Especially fortunate for those girls who still had good good relations with a childhood friend. If this, unfortunately, has not happened in your life, then do not worry, for surely there is already a person with you who is time-tested (and if not, it will soon appear!) Each of the beautiful ladies or ladies has in stock a lot of funny stories about the situations in which they fell with their girlfriends ... So many warm memories, so many pleasant thoughts are associated with them ... For everything, it is necessary to thank, saying beautiful words to a friend! And the best and most suitable day for such gratitude is your friend's birthday!

And ... what can I say?

A very strange question, but for some, heOccurs quite often. Such an important day, a gift is ready, you are sitting together with a master in a manicure salon, a celebration tomorrow, but you still do not know what to say to her? Calm down, this is normal, because you are probably overwhelmed with warm positive emotions! And what about all these emotions fit into a beautiful greeting for a friend? In your own words. Just say it in your own words. You're not Pushkin, to sing to her a whole ode in iambs and trochees! To begin with, do not forget that you must always wish you happiness and health (without it, none of the congratulations in the world is glued!), And then you can add about success, and about happiness in your personal life, about money, and about what Please! To come up with beautiful words for a friend is easy!

Girls are the best friends

How to avoid banal?

If you are a fan of poetry, yesand you yourself write stanzas on cold winter evenings, sitting next to a warm fireplace, then go for it! But do not forget that the girlfriend should treat your creativity well, and if she ever openly expressed her dissatisfaction with your "scribbling," then this is not an appropriate option ...

Get the camcorder!

If you have a problem with speech or just creepyfeel free to congratulate your girlfriend before a lot of people, then this way of congratulation is just for you! Surely in your arsenal are full of common photos, and maybe even joint video recordings ... Use them to create your own video congratulation. It can be just a selection of photos with the signature of warm congratulatory words nearby, or maybe a whole story video of congratulation, where you shoot on the camera yourself, reviewing common photos, remembering the funniest and happiest moments in your life with a friend! Here you are your own director - do not limit yourself. But do not forget that everything should be at a decent level in terms of the quality of the shooting, and perhaps the sound quality ... Also in the place where you are going to say "beautiful words" for the girlfriend's birthday, there must be a technique with with which you can play the video. Make sure, otherwise it will be very embarrassing.


Beautiful words to your best friend

Want the beauty of your speech and sentimental words?Well, they will. How to pick up beautiful words to a girlfriend? Simply and easily. Remember. Remember how long you have been with her. Remember how she supported you in difficult situations. Tell all about how much you love her! The beautiful words of a best friend, in fact, are very simple ... Try to draw up your congratulations on a piece of paper - for a start (a sort of draft). When you start to write, you will immediately understand that finding a beautiful word for a girlfriend is really easy!


Refute the winged expression that there is nofriendship among girls. You can also add that if this is in reality, it's your case with a friend - an exception. Believe me, such beautiful words of your friend will be very nice to hear.

Friends are secretive

Reflect on eternity

This is somewhat reminiscent of the previous case, however,this time you should talk about the untruth saying "nothing lasts forever", because there still exists in this world a thing that will live forever, forever! Have you guessed what kind of thing it is? Well, of course ... Of course, this is your friendship with her! Thus, you can start your congratulations with a puzzle for a friend. For example: "They say that nothing in life lasts forever, but they say untruth." Three things in this world will live forever. "What do you think they are?" (You can come up with the answer yourself.) If a girlfriend has a young man, it is better that his love for her be included in the number of these treasured "three things").

Great day!

Speak about the fact that this day is special.Your friend's birthday is special! Thank the world, its parents, for it! Thank God for bringing you together on the day of your first meeting! Thank-thank, you, most importantly - do not be shy ...

Best friends

Are you loyal to your girlfriend?

We hope so.Tell her about what your devotion is. You can invite her to look at the night sky, look at the stars and ask to imagine that each of these stars radiates your love and devotion to her, to your best friend!

Praise her

Who does not like being praised? Believe me, you would also like it. It is not superfluous to mention what your beautiful, clever, kind, faithful girlfriend and so on, and so on ...

A few more tips

The main thing - do not forget that to your congratulationsmust be attached and a gift! Do not forget it on the table in your hallway, otherwise it will be very, very uncomfortable, because a holiday can be held at the other end of the city, and there will be no one to help you. You are the best friend. The authoritative person on this holiday. So confirm your "rank", do not blunder!

Also it should be remembered that the gift should be beautifully packaged, and also flowers and sweets can be attached to it, especially if this celebration is a jubilee!

Girlfriend in costume

And if the girlfriend still decided not to celebrateyour birthday, then this is your chance to please her with an unexpected surprise! If you have this opportunity, and also have a desire, then you can arrange a party in her honor. And you can limit yourself to a pleasant unexpected and ridiculous joke (this is only if you know for sure that everything will go well and the girlfriend will really laugh at it.) Remember that the rally should not hurt the feelings of the people who participate in it.

And on this, perhaps, everything. We wish good luck and beautiful congratulations for a friend!