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Redemption of the bride in the style of medicine: a script

Who are interested in banal weddings with the same typescenarios, when everything is done on stencils? You do not want your day to become one of hundreds of thousands of similar patterned weddings? This is a wonderful excuse to move away from the rules and come up with a truly original wedding bride price, the script of which you can

redemption bride in the style of medicine script
think independently, or, if you want unexpected and interesting solutions, to entrust friends and witnesses with a good imagination.

Redemption attributes

Quite an original option is a bride's ransomin the style of medicine, a script which can be ordered by a specialist or made up on your own. Of course, such an event will require certain costs and decorations, without which you can not feel the whole color of the staging. First and foremost, we need dressing gowns and basic medical instruments, without which the bride will be redeemed in the style of medicine. The script also requires a number of posters, drawings, inscriptions and obstacles that the groom will have to cope on the way to the bride. As in the case of ordinary ransom,

bridal bride price script
the future husband needs to demonstrate his knowledge about the personality of the bride or facts from their common life.

Body check

It is difficult to argue that a medical examination beforean important step, like going to the registry office, is almost necessary, which is why it is worth arranging a bride price in the style of medicine. The script prescribes the presence of several doctors, each of which will check the groom. The oculist shows a string of numbers, each of which is important for a couple: for example, the bride's birthday, dating date, age of the bride, etc. Lor, to whom the groom is sent after the ophthalmologist, is dissatisfied with the kind of throat of the married and therefore asks to perform the song: there is no doubt that this will be a song about the love of the groom. The next doctor will be a psychotherapist: he will ask you to draw a portrait of a lover. It is important that inaccuracies in the portrait are punished: for every inaccuracy the groom will have to pay.

Adding paints

Approximately, and looks like a bride bought in the style of medicine. The scenario does not exclude the possibility of some changes and additions, through which the ransom

redemption bride in the style of medicine
can be made more vivid.For example, the groom can be "fed" with vitamins, drink juice (test tubes and syringes in medicine have not been canceled!). Ends bride price in the style of medicine by issuing a verdict of doctors regarding the state of the groom: in love. For the brightness of the moment of the future husband, you can "reward" a certificate with the conclusion of doctors and send with her to the bride, so she did not doubt. Needless to say, the bridesmaids and witnesses depicting doctors should wear gowns, masks, caps and with characteristic devices: stethoscopes, frontal reflectors, etc.

Prescribe treatment

Another version of the ending - to write out incurablysick groom (of course, he is sick of love!) prescription: the bride. In order for the medicine to work, the wife must tasty feed, take care, pay much attention and avoid boredom. To beat the whole ransom better in rhymed form and with humor: this will help to save the groom from unnecessary excitement on such an important day.