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On what topics to talk with a girl

The girl will never know that you are deep andan interesting person, if you do not give the opportunity to her to appreciate it. In the early stages of acquaintance, judging you by actions is difficult, so girls pay attention to what you are talking about. And often not even at what exactly you say, but what emotions accompany your replicas. On what topics to talk with a girl to show her that you're cool?

It is best to first touch on topics thatwill lead to some activity together. The easiest way to start a conversation about free time. Maybe she loves hiking, or maybe the author's movie. Or just interesting books. Even if you are not a bookwriter, and she loves books, just ask her to tell you what she liked about the book she read recently. Maybe you will make her company on a trip to a book exhibition?

When a girl really likes it, boysthink about how you like yourself. But you can not only look at the beautiful legs, but also evaluate how the girl builds a speech, how deeply she thinks and what she prefers to talk about. On what topics to talk with a girl to assess her intelligence? First of all, on the topic of study and profession. If she does not like the specialty - about the hobby. And about what she would do if she won a billion dollars in the lottery. The last question allows to reveal the deep motives of behavior. It's one thing if she wants to shine at receptions, and another - if she wants to go to Cambridge. Draw conclusions. Especially because girls like this approach - it's not so often their personality attracts attention, especially if the girl is very beautiful.

After you have drawn conclusions about herintellect, it is good to find out how she communicates with people. To do this, you need to come up with examples of situations that interest you. You can present them as if talking about real friends. Such a neutral discussion will allow you to find out how it relates to delays, what values ​​are important to it, and how it builds relationships. By the way, you can ask for advice on behalf of a friend about girls in general. You will find out what is the main thing for her in the personality of the guy and how she will react in a situation of late or non-fulfillment of the promise. Interesting topics for talking with the girl also include discussions of the guy's personal experience. A young man can tell a girl about his habits and principles. If a girl likes a guy, she will be very attentive to such a conversation and draw conclusions for the future. For example, do not be late or become more attentive to your mood, if you mention that it is important for you.

On what topics to talk with a girl, so shelistened with interest? Concentrate on people and stories about people. Always good jokes, especially about relationships. A carefully chosen anecdote can tell the girl about what is important to you. In addition, folk wisdom says that a similar sense of humor is very important in a relationship. So if she does not laugh at your jokes, then it's unlikely she's a good partner for you. Without humor, relationships are not easy to build, so it's better to look for a girl who is more responsive to a good joke.

On what topics to talk with a girl, so shebegan to respect you? Strangely enough, on the topics of his own studies and profession. But you need to do this carefully - try to talk about your activities simply, quickly and easily. By the way, in the West, so future workers are checked for cleverness. If he can simply tell about his professional activities, then it means that he is really a specialist, and he can be taken. Often, girls also want to see next to a man who can explain and interesting to tell.

On what topics to talk with a girl, so shewanted to meet again? About her personality and interests in the first place. Try to have her say as much as possible on the first date. Ask questions about her family and everyday concerns. Offer help - maybe she needs to move the closet or decide the control room. She will be very happy - and you will have an occasion to meet again.