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Funny contests for the wedding in an interesting way

The wedding is an exciting event in everyone's life. It's a joyful day, not only for

Funny contests for the wedding
newlyweds, but also for their guests and relatives.To ensure that your wedding is remembered for all the guests for a long time and does not merge with a thousand weddings with one spot, you need to think in advance not only the outfit of the bride and groom, the venue, but also the wedding contests.

In this article, we describe the most fun contests for the wedding, so that your solemn day was filled with laughter, joy and fun.

Horseback riding

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This competition requires a small preliminarytraining. It will be necessary in advance to inflate a few balls or take small balls. Participants must run along the hall with balls or balls sandwiched between their legs. The winner is the one who turned out to be the fastest. You can include such songs as "My thoughts, my horses", "Three white horses" or something similar to give a fighting spirit.

Funny contests for the wedding require a cheerful and easy mood from the participants. For example, the contest "kisses."

Before the start of the contest, the toastmaster must askall present ladies make up lipstick. Two male representatives are invited to participate. The purpose of the competition: in the allotted time to collect as many kisses as possible. The winner is the one who has more traces of lipstick. In a cheerful company, as a rule, this competition causes a storm of emotions, because open parts of the body are not enough for kissing.

Wedding Glass

Funny contests for the wedding to come up is not difficult. Tamada gives an empty glass to the first guest sitting at the table. He pours

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a small amount of alcohol and passes on.The one in whose hands the glass is filled, must utter a toast and drink. The main thing is to make sure that everyone pours the same, so as not to mix alcohol at the very beginning of the holiday.

Chicken paw

Funny contests for the wedding can be andcreative. On the floor you need to lay out clean sheets of paper. The number of participants is 4-6 people. Guests should use their feet and felt-tip pens to write on the sheet the word "bride". The one who has made it is faster than all wins. You can ask guests to show their creativity and instead of the word draw a bride.


The more guests will take part in this contest,so it will be more fun. The leader is blindfolded, and the other participants are around him. After the first clap of the leader, everyone starts moving in a circle, and after the second they freeze. A person blindfolded should point a finger at anyone and try to guess it. In order to make this easier, you can ask a person meow, bark or grunt. If the leader guessed, then the participants change places - the presenter becomes in the place of the guessed one.

Often, the toastmaster does not only hold contests forwedding. Funny tales cause no less positive emotions than incendiary dances. Their main characters are the bride and groom, as well as their relatives and friends. Such fairy tales will not only cheer guests, but they will remain in the memory of the newlyweds for a long time, and, perhaps, they will be told by newlyweds to their children in a few years.