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How to cheer girl in correspondence and at a meeting

Nowadays, young people are less likelyget acquainted on the street, in a movie or library, preferring to do this via the Internet. Of course, virtual communication is very convenient, primarily because if a guy is embarrassed to confess his feelings to a girl in person, it is much easier for him to write about her.

However, a huge number of representativesthe stronger sex has not the slightest idea not only how to write a young lady about love, but also about how to cheer the girl in correspondence. Nevertheless, the self-confidence of young people is growing, and at the same time girls are not in a hurry to get acquainted with those who use standard techniques. In particular, if the first phrase of Lovelace in social networks: "Hello! How are you? "- this pattern will work in one case out of ten.

How to cheer girl in correspondence

That is why it will be useful for young people to learnabout how to cheer the girl in correspondence so that she simply could not find a place herself, if suddenly her interlocutor did not appear on the net. Is it possible? Of course, yes. There are several effective ways by which you can solve the question: "How to cheer the girl in correspondence"? Let us consider them in more detail.


If you do not know how to cheer a girl incorrespondence, then remember the main rule: you must intrigue the interlocutor with the first phrase. However, even if you did not succeed, do not panic and get upset immediately. It is possible that you are simply not the hero of her novel, and she has long been in love. Also, do not be angry with her and be rude. You should allow the option that the girl at the moment does not want to continue to communicate with you because she has family problems or problems at work. She does not mind copying with you, but just now is not the right time for it.


Naturally, a huge number of young people puzzles over: "How to cheer the girl in the" VC "?

How to cheer a girl in VK

As mentioned above, avoid batteredphrases such as "you are beautiful" or "what are you doing". Be original. Do not be afraid that your words will seem ridiculous or ridiculous to her. Believe that humor is the most effective weapon in acquaintance with the opposite sex. The simplest way to show the companion that you have a sense of humor is to send her a smile. Of course, and in jokes you need to know the measure, otherwise it may not want to communicate with you in the future.

Do not need self-promotion

Believe that nobody likes it when a personbrags, but the girls do not like it doubly. If you repeat tirelessly that you are the greatest original and you have a lot of merits, then you can hardly count on her favor. Give her the opportunity to draw conclusions about your person. Better ask as many questions as possible about her life.

Prove that you are a versatile person

Girls like guys who have versatile interests.

How to cheer the girl on the phone

Demonstrate to her that you have a wide horizon. It will be good if you do this in an unobtrusive manner, so that the girl does not think: "Well, another braggart!"

The effect of surprise

The girl has a positive impression of the guy cancause the effect of surprise. When she meets a young man, whom everyone considers to be the soul of the company and without which there would be boring and uninteresting any holiday. Naturally, a girl can make a first impression of a new acquaintance only on the basis of what his environment thinks about him. She also thinks that he is a joker and a mass artist-entertainer. At the same time, when they get to know each other, it suddenly becomes clear that her interlocutor can not only make fun, but also compose touching verses. And after that the interest of the girl to the young man doubles, they have new topics for conversation.

Media files

Communication of young people in social networks can bediversify through the exchange of photos, audio and video files, etc. In this way, you can learn more about the sphere of interest of the interlocutor and demonstrate your own. In addition, sending a romantic music to a girl can be a kind of invitation to a date.

Community of interests

Communication should give pleasure and joy to interlocutors and in any case not be painful.

How to cheer a sad girl

It is necessary to find common themes for conversation,that they were interesting to both the guy and the girl. Write a new anecdote or a funny story from your own life to a new acquaintance, ask her if she is interested in where she likes to relax, whether she likes going to the movies, reading books, doing sports, and so on.


Communicating with the young lady, use the following principle:hold on closer and farther. In particular, after two days of intensive correspondence with a girl, suddenly disappear for one day, but later explain your absence to a good reason (for example, you turned off the Internet, or went to visit relatives).

Remember that your ultimate goal is to make sure that the girl thinks about you constantly and does not allow the thought of separation from you!

How to cheer a girl on a walk

A huge number of young people are concerned about the issueabout how to cheer the girl on the phone. The most popular way is to play it. For example, in a voice with a Caucasian accent, ask her for help. There are a lot of options, you just need to show creative imagination. However, remember that your rally should be harmless.

Some are worried about how to cheer up a sad girl. The answer to the banality is simple. Give her a bouquet of flowers, and she will smile at you.

Many young people have no idea how to cheer up a girl for a walk. What can they advise?

Going on a date, the most important thing is to bethose who you really are, and do not try to put on the mask of another person. If the guy is far from romantic, then there is no sense in proving the opposite to the girl. The representatives of the weaker sex always feel when a cavalier jokes on her own initiative, and when she tells a joke of necessity. Therefore, a humorous bike can not always cause a girl to laugh.

How to cheer a girl with words

If a young man is not a merry fellow, then he should not try on this role. It is better for him to talk with the girl about childhood, leisure, hobbies. Believe me, young ladies like sincere young people.

And, of course, a huge part of the malethe audience is interested in the question of how to cheer a girl with words. Again, the most banal is to tell a joke. But try to be smart to make it really fun and interesting. Alternatively, you can stock up on balloons with helium in advance and, using them, tell the girl some funny story. Agree, it will be original and unusual!