/ Wedding in September. Her Majesty Nature is for you!

Wedding in September. Her Majesty Nature is for you!

The summer was gone from the calendar, but it did not leave us at all.The days were already shorter, and August replaced its sultry image and gave way to calm warmth. The velvet season began, a real disaster of nature, and a splendid autumn, still living in the foliage, still captivating fading greens and beginning to gild with crowns. This is September. And it's not for nothing that couples like to marry and form their own family are so fond of it. After all, this month is symbolically the beginning of a new circle, a natural calendar, when the fruits of all previous seasons are already beckoning from tables after work and harvesting.

Wedding in September

Wedding in September - a feast of a mountain

Indeed, the abundance of fruits, berries, vegetables,ripened by September, allows you to make a lot of dishes and drinks for guests, surprise with unexpected culinary recipes. The experience of European serving, the art of carving - one of the characteristics of modern wedding table. Russian cuisine is so multifaceted, from its recipes make up such a menu that only a miracle is given to guests, sometimes not even realizing how magically the dish has acquired such a taste.

days for the wedding september

And the most pleasant part in this is that the wedding inSeptember will be cheaper than in other months due to the availability of vegetables and fruits. Characteristic for the summer has not yet "departed", but for the autumn - have already appeared on the shelves, and not imported, but their own - the most natural, with a real fragrance and a vivid, not veiled taste.

Besides the rich table, the September wedding is goodthe fact that most of the guests you want to see at your celebration will not be in the zone of inaccessibility abroad on vacation. But the biggest advantage of the date of the wedding, appointed in the first autumn month, is that nature presents such paints for beautiful memorable cadres, that the golden autumn in the most direct sense impresses the event.

Wedding in September

How to organize a special celebration in a special way

It is a sin not to take advantage of the gifts of nature, if youdecided to celebrate the creation of their own family in September. For a magical photo shoot, bright landscapes of parks will do. Only one road, strewn with foliage, contrast and beautiful will look on the background of yellow-green or fiery-red leaves. Associative pictures can be recreated using thematic umbrellas and baskets with berries, mushrooms. If the wedding is purposefully held in the countryside, the log cabinets in the compositions with the luxurious dress of the bride will remain in the picture with delightful memories, especially if the couple lives in urban conditions. Such an "exotic" will bring aesthetic and moral pleasure.

Play on the contrasts!

Another place looks gorgeous on wedding photos: it is the ruins of ancient buildings and ancient manors with bright green ivy on the stone walls.

Wedding in September

In general, a remarkable contrast of gray stones andbright orange scale is truly magnificent. It happens that the days for the wedding September will unexpectedly be marked by rain, but a good photographer knows how to see everything beautiful in all, and what rarest shots can be done under such circumstances!

The idea of ​​field conditions for shooting wonpopularity recently not only in amateur photography, but also for the wedding theme. The symbolic fertility of mature grain ears, or the sea of ​​wild flowers, lavender or chamomile, creates a stunning background and a positive wave for the life of the newlyweds at a subconscious level.

Favorable days for the wedding in September

Symbolism of Autumn

Wedding in September sets for a positivethanks to the fact that it is easy to conduct. The weather conditions for a traditional walk and photo shoot are wonderful, the guests are assembled, the table is luxurious. Symbols of September in nice colors, abundant harvest, excellent weather conditions created a traditional attitude to the September wedding, as a particularly happy period. Beautiful plane or maple leaves are a real symbol of autumn.

Wedding in September

Beautiful baskets filled with apples,grapes and pears, mushrooms, nuts - a symbol of fertility, using it in the entourage at the wedding feast, unobtrusively you can wish the newlyweds a strong and large family with healthy little girls. It is not necessary, however, to use bananas and other exotics in the composition - all symbolism will disappear in a moment.

September 2015 and date of marriage

This year, the forecasts for weddings are not toofavorable for the first ten days of September. In fact, everything is not so gloomy, because they depend on the position of the moon, on its condition. The New Moon is a good sign for any endeavor, the full moon is also not bad, but the most important things are done for the growing Moon for their fullness and favorable expiration. And for those who believe the lunar calendar and plan all their affairs depending on whether the waning moon or the growing, of course, wedding date is set for the second half of the month. The lunar calendar of weddings for September says that the days of the growing moon begin on September 13th.

lunar calendar of weddings for september

For Orthodox believers who, in addition toceremonial painting in the registry office and planning a wedding in the church, it is worth considering that weddings are not crowned in the great church holidays. It does not bother to create a family, and there is nothing reprehensible in wanting to marry on such days (and there are two of them in the second half of this year), but the church services are dedicated to these dates in full, and civil needs for the church in these dates recede into the background. That is, favorable days for the wedding in September begin on September 13 and last until the end of the month, except September 21, when the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin is celebrated, and September 27, the day of the Exaltation of the Cross of the Lord.