/ / Tenderness is ... The meaning of the word "tenderness"

Tenderness is ... The meaning of the word "tenderness"

What is tenderness?This is a touch of hands, warm words, caring action or attentive attitude? We all know when we feel affection for the child, the mother, the beloved, the friend, the elderly person. Dry formulation is not enough to characterize such a multifaceted notion as tenderness. The definition of the term can be given as a manifestation of love, a benevolent attitude towards another person, an animal.

Tenderness in love

If you think about the tremulous expression of feelings, thenfirst of all there are thoughts about the relationship between a man and a woman. Especially it concerns the initial stage. But there are couples who managed to keep the freshness of feelings for life.

Tenderness is a manifestation of special attention.Lovers know how to hear and understand each other better than everyone else. The man instantly gives a hand to help his companion down the stairs. But he does it not because he is well brought up. This act is connected with his inner aspiration for his beloved.

A girl can carefully adjust the sweater on it,invested in this gesture is much more than in the usual action. Or tenderness is to brew him coffee in the morning, trying a drink to taste. There are many examples.

Two can be near and do not betray themselves. But in a fleeting allegedly accidental touch, so much tenderness will be invested, as if they stood hugging each other.

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Mom and the child

The relationship between mother and child is very tender.Mom has been taking care since morning. Tenderness is how she gently wakes the child with the words: "The sun has already risen, wake up, my joy." Then she offers breakfast. To do this, my mother used to get up and tried to make it tasty and useful. And the kid thanks her with a happy smile and a kiss on the cheek.

Through the years the relationship between them is also gentle.The adult son carefully picks up the bag with the products, not allowing the mother to lift the heavy. Helps cross the street or supports during ice. And my mother always cooks wonderful pies when my son comes to visit.

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Tenderness to animals

How much affection does the kitten, whichrecently took home. He's small, cute, fluffy and funny. Tenderness is a desire not only to play with it, iron it, but also to pour in milk. Animals are very sensitive to this attitude. They react sincerely and trustingly. The kitten gets used to the owners, murching, rubbing about the leg.

Although cats tend to have moreother than to exercise them independently. Devotion, tenderness and friendly attitude are qualities that are more characteristic of dogs. They appreciate the warmth, caring, affection. To do this, you only need to give a small amount of time each day, but do it sincerely. The return will be huge and the way the pet behaves towards the owners will cause them more joy and positive.

the meaning of the word tenderness

The meaning of the word tenderness is always reduced tosincere and warm manifestation of feelings. And the ways of expressing it can be different. Tenderness is always preceded by an overflowing emotional state. Thanks to him, and doing things that are very much appreciated later and remembered with great warmth.