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Ideas, what to give to a friend for a wedding

In our time, so many different holidaysand events, when it is necessary to congratulate each other, that time passes, and there is not a single thought in the head about what it is possible to give to a friend on this or that occasion. It seems that everything has already been presented and ideas simply can not be. But not everything is so terrible.

what to give to a friend for a wedding
The Golden Median

In principle, the problem of what to give to a friend onwedding, today there should not be, because in the modern world there are so many different proposals that all of them even used for life will not have to. But I always want to make a good quality gift and do not go broke myself, because not everyone can present expensive things. It is also necessary to remember the words and do not forget to say good oral congratulations on the wedding with gifts.


The first thing that newlyweds do after the wedding -go on a romantic trip. It is possible for them in this matter to help and present a permit for two to a particular resort. And since it is not cheap, it is better to give such gifts to a company of several people. Give a trip to the weekend at sea or on skis, if there is no opportunity to organize a young long vacation.

Everyone in the family

Another great tip, what to give to a friend onwedding: what is missing. To be more precise, it is just necessary to find out what is lacking in young people in an apartment or house. It can be a microwave, a DVD player, a TV, etc. Such a gift will not only be very appropriate, but also practical.

what to give for a cotton wedding


A young family is also always useful hometextiles, namely - bed sets, pillows, blankets and bedspreads. That's just for the wedding it's better to get stuck and find something interesting, with an unusual drawing or print. A bed set, for example, can be sewn to order, printing on it a photo of the young. Today and this is possible.


Another option on "What to give to a friend onwedding "- fireworks, salute, celestial flashlights, which will be presented at a certain moment of the celebration itself.This gift will appeal not only to the young, the guests will also be delighted with it, and it will never be forgotten either, because it will be printed on photos and videotape.

congratulations on the wedding with gifts

Deciding what to give a friend for a wedding, it is worthconsider a list of those presents that will be somewhat inappropriate at such a celebration. So, for example, you do not need to give wall carpets and dining sets, this good is always enough for every family. Also, you do not need to buy cheap household appliances, such gifts are considered to be ostentatious. Do not forget the omens, and suddenly the newlyweds are superstitious people? So, for example, you can not give sharp objects on holidays - forks and knives - it's for quarreling, but the watches presented to the newlyweds will tell about their closest separation.


What should I give to my friends on a cotton wedding?This is the first anniversary, which is almost always celebrated by young people. Well, if the gifts are made of chintz (most often - cotton headscarves). But if you want to present something more significant, you can buy any gift that can be useful to people in everyday life - towels, bed sets, small appliances, etc.