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Contests for the wedding: for ransom, drawings

"There was not much space for this wedding ..." - rememberwords of the famous song of Muslim Magomayev? They perfectly reflect one of the main properties of the mysterious Russian soul - breadth, the ability to give oneself up to rejoicing, rejoice and celebrate for 100.

competitions for a wedding at a ransom

Preliminary Competition and Prize

Planning the scenario of the event, it is necessary in advancethink up different contests for the wedding: the bride's redemption from the girlfriends, the ransom during the kidnapping and others. Their task is not only to amuse the audience, to liberate the situation, to add a degree to the overall atmosphere of the holiday, but also to show the guests how well the newlyweds have studied each other and to what extent they are prepared for living together. Usually the groom and his friends (young people, his close friends) come to the bride's house to guide her under the crown. The girl is surrounded by girlfriends and, if any, younger siblings. They are the ones who decide whether to give the "young" "young" or not. Then the first wedding contests start. On the ransom such "tasks" are suitable: the groom should tell in details about the first meeting with the future named (the situation, clothes, what they talked about, etc.). The bride agrees or refutes. For every "mistake" with the groom is due money or sweets, fruits - girls and children.

wedding contests for ransom

We continue to describe the contests for the wedding.For ransom, the second "test" can be as follows: girlfriends must pick up in advance or a daisy with a lot of petals, or a lush rose. The groom breaks off the petals, on each one speaks to the bride something good, good, affectionate. Or it is recognized in love. It is impossible to repeat - it is fraught with a fine! Since the young man is the future head of the family, he can be offered to knock down a stool or a stool (the preparations must be prepared in advance), cut wood (if the event takes place in the village), friends can actively help. Or take care of the "abused" wife, turning into a brother of mercy. These are fun and interesting contests for the wedding. For ransom, they are the same as in breaks between feasts. Another original option - the groom should get the key from the room tapered. For example, from a full bucket of water, but the liquid can not be poured out, and you can wet your hands, too. Friends, witnesses can advise and try with the groom. The prize, who will manage to carry out the task - kiss the bride and each of her friends. That's just lipstick wipe the lucky person from the face is forbidden! Thus, competitions for a wedding (for ransom) are an excellent prelude to the main fun.

Keep the bride!

But then the March of Mendelssohn, the signaturesthe coveted rings are put on, and the perpetrators of the celebration, along with the invited people, move to the banquet hall (or tent, apartment, cafe, park, shore of the lake-depending on where the feast is taking place). And here rallies, jokes can continue. So, the rite of abduction is widespread. Young people invited by the bride can discreetly lead her away during the dance. And the groom to announce that the contests for the wedding are going on. For ransom favorite, they can offer you to drink champagne from her shoes, dance with each of her friends, or perform a "feat" more abruptly: tell the newly-born mother-in-law how he plans to treat her daughter - his wife, how to build relationships with them - new relatives. Friends can form an active support group and help, suggest to the young husband, until the opposite party is satisfied and will not return the loss. I think everyone will like this bride price - a contest with photos.

redemption bride contest with photos
Its essence is as follows:They take 8-10 different photos, including the bride. The groom stands with his back, the guests are shown photos, and the groom should say something on the erotic theme (he would kiss on the shoulder, stroke the foot, etc.), knowing that the photo of the wife is one, and the rest are outsiders not only of women , but also of men. There will be lots of laughter!

Cheerful you a wedding and a happy life!