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Matrimonial duty - what is it?

What happens in bed between a man and a woman after some lapse

conjugal duty
time after the wedding?For many couples it is a conjugal duty. Sexual life after a while after the wedding is calmed down and bored, in other words, there is a monotony and a sense of duty. For the most part, the responsibility lies with the woman. How to make it so that the husband does not go to the side, but enjoys the loving pleasures of home with his wife? There are a number of recommendations developed by psychologists for women who want to interest their men from day to day, and not just fulfill their marital duty. After all, sex is one of the most important principles of marriage.

What happens with time in the pair?

According to scientists, love lives for three years.At this time, just the lapping stage to each other, all the habits and habits of the second half become clear. We get to know each other and get used to it. The same happens with intim: once raging and interfering with neighbors sleeping passion subsides, and sex is transformed into a conjugal duty. The situation is complicated by the appearance of a children's home. Lack of sleep, fatigue and employment affect the desire and ability to make love. However, if a woman is more tolerant of the lack of intimacy, then men simply need it. And if they do not get it with their wife - then it's worth being ready for the fact that the loved one will go "to the left." Any woman who is married, able to re-fall in love and interest his man sexually - most importantly, pull himself together and go to him for a meeting.

How to interest your husband?

The first and most basic recommendation frompsychologists - to take care of themselves. This concept includes many aspects: change the image, work on the physical form (in particular, this applies to the fairer sex, believing that they have problems with the figure and refusing to be intimate with this complex).

fulfill a conjugal duty
Visiting of fitness clubs, morning jogging - allthis and much more can bring you and your body to tone, cheer up and let you enjoy new emotions and sensations that can later be shared with a close person - husband. To diversify your intimate life and avoid the emergence of the concept of "conjugal duty" in your union, women should heed the opinion of specialists. Psychologists strongly recommend that you diversify your sex life. For example, you can flip through the "Kama Sutra" and choose a new pose. By the way, many men are embarrassed to offer their partners new sex positions, although they very much want it. There is another little trick, which experts are advised to resort to, are intimate exercises. A little pumping your hidden muscles with special exercises, balls and other devices will not hurt any woman. This will favorably affect the sexual feelings of both your and your spouse.
conjugal duty

What else is meant by the notion of conjugal duty?

A spousal duty is not only a harmonioussexual life, where every partner is completely satisfied and contented with his life in marriage. On the shoulders of a woman, among other things, lies the responsibility for the comfort and warmth in the house. Try to avoid having your life become like a "conjugal duty": you do not want to, but you have to.