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Goncharov Nikolai Afanasievich: key moments of the biography

Today, few people remember whoNikolai Afanasievich Goncharov. But he - the father of Natalia Nikolaevna Goncharova, the very one that won the heart of the great Russian poet Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin. Alas, in the life of this man, a terrible shock happened, which subsequently destroyed his consciousness and fate.

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Young years

Goncharov Nikolai Afanasyevich was born inSt. Petersburg in 1787. His family lived in the Polotnia estate, which was located next to the shipbuilding plant. The thing is that this factory was founded by Nikolai Afanasievich's great-grandfather, especially for the construction of the fleet of Peter I. It's no wonder that the Goncharov family lived in prosperity and could afford to give their son a quality education.

In addition, the boy had a phenomenalintellect, thanks to which he quickly mastered all the educational material. So, to his age, he thoroughly knew four languages: French, German, English and Russian. He was equally gifted in the musical art.

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Goncharov Nikolay: the image of a young man

Contemporaries described Goncharov as verya pleasant young man. He was educated, could support any conversation, and also enjoyed popularity with ladies. In addition, he constantly improved himself. His personal library numbered more than one hundred books, while some of them were very rare.

In addition, Nikolai Goncharov often arrangedsmall concerts at home. Most of all he liked to play the violin. He also wrote poetry, which, in moments of special inspiration, recited to others.

Goncharov Nikolai Afanasievich and Natalia Zagryazhskaya

January 27, 1807 in the Winter PalaceSt. Petersburg, the wedding of Nikolai Goncharov and Natalia Zagryazhskaya. This union was concluded for love, since the romantic soul of the young man could not accept a different alignment of fate. The next few years will be the happiest for this man: he will settle for a new job, achieve respect and recognition, and will also be able to enjoy the charm of married life.

In general, the marriage will bring the family Goncharov sixchildren. The most famous child in their dynasty will be Natalia Nikolaevna. She will be engaged to A.S. Pushkin, and subsequently will marry General Peter Lansky.

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Goncharov's disease

In the period from 1811 to 1814, Nikolai Afanasyevichmanages the affairs of his father, while he performs a special order of the sovereign on the border. But on his return home, the senior Goncharov excommunicated his son from family affairs, despite the fact that he managed to achieve great success in this. This became a trigger - the young gentleman began to constantly seek joy in the wine, in order to drown out the insult to his father. And one day, being heavily drunk, he falls from the horse upside down.

Physically Goncharov Nikolai was not injured, but histhe mind was confused. The periods of melancholy were replaced by attacks of violent aggression toward others. So, under the influence of anger, he almost killed his daughter Natalia, who miraculously escaped, closing herself in the room.

Over the years, the disease only progressed.Because of this, one by one, friends, relatives and even his own wife turned away from him. Therefore, in September 1861 Goncharov Nikolai Afanasievich died in complete solitude in his old house in Moscow. According to the records, in the end his only friend was only the old servant, who either with fidelity, or with desperation did not dare to leave him.