/ Student signs. Do you believe in them?

Student signs. Do you believe in them?

The yard is 21 century.Space stations and satellites plow the expanses of near-earth space, and we still believe in signs, we continue to spit through our left shoulder and to jump aside from the black cat. "So what?" - you will say. And you will be right. So we, people, are arranged. We always wait for a miracle in the soul and a little something supernatural. Are there any student signs and superstitions today? Yes, there are, and many believe in them. This is especially evident before the session.

No matter how well you were not prepared for the exam,when passing it there is always an element of chance and indispensable unrest. What should I do to be lucky in the exam? And what can not be done? Let's talk about this.

About sinister encounters with black cats andfellow citizens, hastening to meet in the morning with empty buckets, is known to everyone. As for cats, in no case should you allow a cunning animal to run across a road to you! For sure it will do it with malice. Student superstitions rarely deceive! According to statistics, it is known that 50% of such meetings end in a "nuisance". Therefore, if you do not have time, gaining speed, to run around it, it's better to turn back and walk along the nearby lane.

And that you meet a bad neighbor with an empty bucket, you have to spit three times over your left shoulder and say at least once: "Chur, me!" You know?

It is known that the signs of students are checked by life.Therefore, there is nothing to expect that you will pull out one of the three tickets you learned, if you tended the bed in the morning, washed your face, brushed your teeth and went to the exam in new jeans. And if you also shaved? Remember: you can wash and shave during the session only in the most extreme case! As for the new things, we should forget about them for the time of the session.

The fact that under the heel of the right foot should be putfive, you know? This is a fairly large coin of Soviet times, with which our mothers and grandmothers went to the exam. How many "fives" was received thanks to her! It should be passed on by inheritance! Yes, the ticket must always be taken with your left hand, while trying to stand on your left foot.

But the most beloved student signs of all time- it's catching "Freebies" and the mandatory message of the wishing "No Fuzz, no Feather!" To hell. And it's better to hell. It's safer. Catching "Freebies" - the occupation is not difficult, but gives a good result. How to catch it? Get a student's record book, open it on the right page and bring it to an open window or window with a cry: "Freebie, get caught!" When she caught, quickly slam the student's record book and for fidelity tie it with a string or string. You can remove it only at the entrance to the examination room.

You can make a wish by rubbing your nose or pawbear that stands in front of the Central Department Store in our city. Checked. It helps. Probably, in other cities there are similar "happy" images of animals or people.

Many student signs are associated with somethings-talismans. It can be a cherished shirt, blouse or something else. If you are sure that this thing will bring you luck, put it on. This will give you peace of mind.

You can not go back halfway. But if you still had to, look at yourself in the mirror. These student signs have a rational grain!

Ask relatives and friends in every way and scold you as much as possible. This belief has come to us from the depths of centuries, and, they say, it acts all the time.

Someone tries to put notes andtextbooks in the hope that knowledge themselves will pave their way into the storehouse of their memory. If it does not interfere with sleep, then you can try. Although how this will happen, it is not entirely clear. It is better to write the material on the disc and go to bed, wearing headphones and turning on the player.

Another good sign: to have time to write cheat sheets on topics in which you are not so strong. The longer the cheat sheet, the better.

Put a candle in the church and cross himself at the exit from home, too, will not be superfluous. True, this applies not to signs, but to more serious things. But if you are a believer, do not hesitate to do it.

Signs to some extent allow copingwith excitement and insecurity in their abilities. But you can not rely on them completely. With experience and age, you will obviously forget about them. Well, for now they may be your assistants. Neither feathers, nor feathers!