/ Extracurricular Activities in Biology. Development of extracurricular activities in biology

Extra-curricular activities in biology. Development of extracurricular activities in biology

The modern school has a largeresponsibility not only for the education of the younger generation, but also for its upbringing and development. These processes are most often carried out by conducting extra-curricular activities. The teacher should make a clear plan and follow it.

Biology Lessons

Biology as a discipline contributes to the formation ofcomprehensively developed personality. At lessons, practical and laboratory classes students get knowledge about the surrounding living nature. During the training of biology in children, aesthetic tastes, love of nature, feelings of patriotism are brought up.

extracurricular activities in biology

All extracurricular activities in biology, in addition to fulfilling their main goal - motivation to study this subject - should contribute to the development of a number of other functions:

  • the ability to apply the acquired knowledge;
  • development of creative activity of students;
  • education of love and care for all life on earth;
  • the ability to see the beautiful in the ordinary.

Most often, extra-curricular activities are timed to coincide with this or that holiday. The following are suitable for the subject "biology": "Health Day", "Biology Week", "Garden Week", etc.

The teacher speaks at the pedagogical council withproposal to hold activities on its subject. If the pedagogical team approves them, it means that they will be included in the plan for school-wide extra-curricular activities. And from that moment it is already possible to start preparing for them.

extracurricular event in biology

To prepare an extra-curricular event on biology, you need more than one day of painstaking and careful work of the teacher, to which students will later be connected.

Preparation of the biology event

Before starting the preparation process itselfactivities, the teacher must necessarily decide on the purpose of its conduct, then compile tasks and determine the age category of students for whom this topic will be most relevant.

Taking into account the aforesaid, the subject teacher chooses the form of the conduct. Extra-curricular activities in biology can be implemented in the following forms:

  • olympiads;
  • quizzes;
  • hours of entertaining biology;
  • themed evenings;
  • Mind games;
  • KVN;
  • exhibitions of works of students.

extra-curricular activities class 5 biology

The diversity of the forms of carrying out activities in biology is conditional on the possibility of attracting students and other adults to participate in the process of preparing and holding parents.

Developing extra-curricular activities

Once the form is chosen, you canto start directly to think through the course of the event. Of course, the development of extracurricular activities in biology is every teacher in his pedagogical coin box.

development of extracurricular activities in biology

There are two conditions under which the extra-curricular activity can become unique:

  1. Do not repeat the same extracurricular event on biology from year to year. If you like the name, you can leave it, but you need to change the text content.
  2. It is recommended to study several developments of extracurricular activities with the same form of conduct, and then, using the proposed tasks, create your own.

KVN is always relevant

As many years of experience show, extra-curricularactivities on biology are quite diverse, but, perhaps, the most popular and universal form of conduct is an analogue of the KVN television game. Here, within the framework of the biology week, all age groups of children can be involved. Competitions are held between parallel classes, and the more of them, the more interesting the game is. Students prepare their own speeches on the topic proposed by the subject teacher, which contributes to the development of cognitive interest, the study of additional literature on the subject in order to deepen the existing knowledge.

analysis of extracurricular activities in biology
The teacher of biology is appointed as the host,is responsible for the organization and conduct of the event. Jury members are most often appointed teachers in related subjects (in this case - teachers of geography and chemistry), as well as class leaders. In addition to adults, the jury must be attended by children who have sufficient knowledge in the field of biology.

But what kind of KVN without spectators and support groups? This role is assigned to all wishing students of the school.

Fifth grade. Attract attention!

Biology, in fact, as an object, the children beginto study in the fifth grade. The section of this science, which falls on the 5th-6th grade, is botany. Not for all the guys it is of interest, but besides the number of lessons provided for by the planning is one hour per week. Therefore, in order to attract the attention of children to the subject, it is advisable to use extra-curricular activities. At the initial stage of the study, the following forms of conduct are considered as winning:

  • A watch of entertaining biology, under this generalizedthe name can safely carry out extra-curricular activities for any research (experiments, laboratory exercises), using natural material (leaves and flowers) collected in the summer-autumn period, you can draw children to create paintings.
  • Quiz is an extra-curricular event.Biology as an object provides a bookmark of the basic concepts on which all further study will be built. To check how successful the process of learning the information, the form of the quiz suits as well as possible.
  • Mind games. They can be conducted on the basis of television programs, the rules of which are well known to children, is "One against all", "Clever and clever", etc.

scenario of extracurricular activities in biology

Teachers need to remember that vaccinatinglove for your subject must be from the very beginning, encouraging children to self-development. Help in this class is extra-curricular. Activities (Grade 5, "Biology" - the subject under consideration) will help to interest children in the initial stages.

How to create a script correctly

Any mass event provides for a scenario. Its writing depends on many factors:

  • age of students;
  • knowledge of the subject;
  • location;
  • number of people involved.

The scenario of extracurricular activities in biology should necessarily provide for the educational part. Therefore, all the contests included in it, blitz polls should be related to biology.

As part of the development of the educational processthere were integrated lessons, which contributed to the creation of integrated extra-curricular activities. They include a game called "At the crossroads of school subjects." The scenario for this extra-curricular activity includes contests requiring knowledge of all school disciplines according to the age category of the students, in addition, children are explained the relationship between these subjects (biology + Russian, biology + mathematics, biology + literature, etc.).

Whatever the scenario, it must be remembered that children should go home happy after having attended an extra-curricular event, adding something new and interesting to their treasury of knowledge.


After any event, feedback should be provided, which is conducted in the form of an analysis.

Analysis of extracurricular activities on the biology teacher must spend twice: in one case it is summarizing, together with the children, while the second - the teacher-organizer of self-esteem.

Carrying out this procedure is necessary for the purpose of self-development. Taking into account all the pros and cons, next time it will be possible to organize extracurricular activities in biology more successfully.

To the note to the teacher

Each biology teacher should always remember that the successful life of the child in the future depends largely on the development of this subject.

Therefore, planning an extracurricular event onthis item, do not delay its development on the back burner, let there be better time than it is not enough for high-quality training. And if the event will be crumpled, without a well-thought-out logical sequence, then it will hardly be useful.