/ How did Columbus discover America? All the secrets of the expedition

How did Columbus discover America? All the secrets of the expedition

Columbus discovered America

In what year Columbus discovered America, now, probably, not everyone will remember, but the fact that he did it knows any, even a little educated person.

In the distant 1492, October 12, carefully, so thatnot to jump on the reef, ships approached the new land. We anchored, prepared everything that was needed, and the very next day, Christopher Columbus, as well as the leaders of the expedition in the person of Rodrigo Sanchez, the authorized inspector of the Crown, the notary Rodrigo de Escovedes, Juan de la Cosa, and the Pinons brothers went ashore. That's how Columbus discovered America.

On behalf of the King and Queen and on their behalf, heimmediately became the owner of an open territory. Immediately constituted a notarial deed, not forgetting about any formalities. It becomes clear why the expedition included inspectors of the crown and notary. After this, the navigator was promoted to the Viceroy, after Columbus discovered America, he had his own vast territory. Having spun on the coastal land of the Castilian flag, the expedition moved to inspect the territory. And after a while they met the locals.

in which year Columb opened America

It should be noted that no exactDescription of the place where the expedition landed. Therefore it is not known which of the Bahamas became the landing site when Christopher Columbus discovered America. It is known that the name that Columbus gave to this island is San Salvador (in the translation "salvation").

After several days of communication with the aborigines,Columbus had suspicions that this place - not what they were looking for. The islanders did not possess the processing of metals, they simply did not know them. The technology of the wheel was also unknown to them. The Aboriginal language had nothing in common with any of the eastern dialects. But at first it did not bother the seafarer. They were supposed to have reached the island far away from the mainland. But the only thing that worried about Columbus was that there were absolutely no spices on the island, strictly speaking, like gold.

15 days after the landing on the island expeditionwent to Cuba. But here, neither palaces, nor spices, nor the khan's rate were found. Gold was also not found. Assuming that they are now in one of the poor provinces of China, the researchers decided to move to the east. There, where, according to Columbus, was the richest country - Sipangu, which is known to modern people as Japan.

On November 20, one of the expedition's ships disappeared -"Pint". He just went out of sight. According to one version, the captain of the "Pinta", who was part-time second person of the expedition, driven by a sense of profit, decided to get to gold first.

Columbus continued to discover new lands.On December 6, the island of Haiti was discovered, which was called Hispaniola. It is worth noting that in translation this means "small Spain", and the island itself is several times larger than Sicily. A little later, Tortuga was discovered, which later became the famous pirate's haven.

On the twenty-fifth of December there was a crash"Santa Maria", which sat on the reefs. From the wreckage of the ship was built the fort "Navidad", which became the first Spanish settlement in America. It's sad that all the "involuntary colonists" died after a while.

Christopher Columbus discovered America

On the sixth of January, "Ninja" met with the "Pinta". After some trials, ships replenished Haiti's reserves, and on January 16 they headed for their native lands. That's how Columbus discovered America.