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Methods and forms of organization of the lesson in the GEF school

A lesson is considered one of the main forms of organizationeducational process in high school. In this short period of time, 45 minutes in length, the assimilation of new teaching material, the upbringing of children, their development takes place.

What determines the choice of forms and methods of the lesson?

There are many different forms of lessons, in particular, they differ in the level of creativity. Note that the forms of organization of the lesson and the methods used are primarily dependent on the purpose of the lesson.

forms of lesson organization
Teacher needs to understand what kind of resulthe wants to achieve from the class. If it is important for him to bring certain material, to make a review of the literature of a certain period, then an explanatory-illustrative method will naturally be used. If the teacher wants to involve children in scientific activity, independently searching for information, then it is necessary to use the research method.

The choice of the form of organization of the lesson in the school is alsodepends on the type of lesson. For example, in the conditions of the lesson of control of educational achievements, it will be necessary to give preference to various written works, tests. It is very difficult to use any unusual form of the lesson.

forms of organization of the lesson in school
Choice of methods and forms of conducting lessons alsohas a subjective component. He largely depends on the personality of the teacher, his pedagogical skills, professional qualities, his attitude to work. Someone puts their whole soul into the learning process and is in constant search of the optimal form of the lesson organization, and someone conducts lessons on the same scheme from year to year, completely not responding to the innovations of modern pedagogy.

GEF lesson

Feature of lessons based on requirementsGEF, is a system-active approach to the assimilation of knowledge. If during the traditional lesson the results of training are presented in the form of knowledge, then in today's lesson, there should be real actions aimed at mastering knowledge. It should be noted that the forms of organization of the GEF lesson suggest active use of information technologies.

methods and forms of lesson organization
In this situation, the teacher does not provideknowledge in the finished form, it only serves as a conduit for children in the country of knowledge. Students themselves with the help of a teacher understand the topic, formulate the goals and objectives of the educational process. Also, during the GEF lesson, self-reflection and self-control are important. Students have the opportunity to assess both the success of achieving success in education, and the results of their comrades. Thanks to this, the education system becomes more transparent. In addition, students have the opportunity to learn how to objectively evaluate their results.

Organizational forms of lessons in primary school

The peculiarity of an elementary school is that,that children are just starting their way to mastering knowledge, so it is very important to help them in this and develop a strong motivation for further successful learning.

forms of organizing a lesson on phogos
The choice of the form of organization of the lesson in primary schoolmust be diverse. Frontal work is most often used. It is especially relevant during the setting of the objectives of the lesson, the conduct of reflection. Frontal work allows the joint solution of tasks, demonstrate algorithms for finding answers to complex questions. Good results are obtained by working in constant pairs. It helps fill in gaps, stimulates active activity on the part of each student. Most often, such work is carried out with the participation of neighbors in the school desk. Therefore, it is important to initially pay attention to their level of preparation when seating children so that students can effectively interact with each other.

It is also possible to work in pairs of replacements.Such forms of the organization of the lesson allow you to look at this or that situation from different sides. In this case, a certain problem can appear in a new perspective. In addition, children in primary school need to learn to work individually, because it will help them in future successfully solve educational problems.

forms of organization of the modern lesson
In elementary school it is impossible to do without role-playingelements. The peculiarity of children of this age lies in their curiosity, activity, inability to sit on the spot. All these qualities must be taken into account and used to attract the child to the development of knowledge.

Organization of math lessons

Many children remember their lessons for lifemathematics as something very boring and dull. That they do not have such an impression, it is worth trying to use non-traditional forms of organizing a lesson in mathematics. They will help diversify the learning process, make it more exciting. However, one should not get too involved in unusual forms of lessons, because experience shows that during unconventional lessons it is possible to learn much less information.

Mathematical Tournaments

Проведение математического турнира требует serious training on the part of both students and teachers. A mentor needs to think in details all the tasks that his students will perform. The tournament can be held in different ways. For example, students can be divided into 2 groups, and each of them will receive a certain number of examples. During their decision, students can consult with each other. Then you should call one person from each team to the board, give them a task to exchange examples and solve them on the board. The team that will solve more examples and tasks that were originally received by the opposing team wins.

forms of organizing a lesson in mathematics
Advantages of this form of organizationThe modern lesson is to use the game form. If the students obtained the same examples in the form of independent work, they would hardly be ready to solve them, and then listen to the answers of their classmates. The use of this method takes only 15-20 minutes.

Business games

This form of organization of the educational process canbe used in the study of any subject, but it is best suited for lessons in mathematics and economics. In this case, players are given the opportunity to simulate a situation in which it is necessary to determine the correct strategy of behavior, to choose the optimal solution.

In the framework of mathematical business games, studentshave the opportunity to try on the role of a person in a particular profession, to understand the importance of mathematics for his work. In this case, the student can not only master theoretical material, but also try to apply it in practice. In addition, such games are important as career guidance.

What is useful for non-standard Russian lessons?

Optional form of organization of the lesson of Russianlanguage should be classical. When studying linguistics, it is very important to experiment. This will increase the level of motivation of students, make them show more interest in the subject. In addition, in the framework of non-standard lessons in the Russian language, it is much easier to work on developing the communication skills of students. Many children are embarrassed to answer at the board, but from the spot during the execution of various games they are ready to show activity.

form of organizing a Russian language lesson
Non-standard forms of lesson organizationpromote the democratization of education, increase the role of the subject-subject component in communication between the teacher and children. However, for the successful conduct of such a lesson, it is necessary to work hard and think it through. For this it is important that the teacher stands out among his colleagues a high level of pedagogical skill.

Forms of conducting Russian language lessons

Over mastering the basic rules of the Russian language,literacy of speech can work, using different methods and forms of the organization of the lesson. It can be lessons structured in the form of a business game, various press conferences, consultations, television lessons, lessons-seminars, competitions, excursions.

Binary lessons

Кроме того, можно выбрать бинарный урок, в рамках which can assimilate knowledge in various subjects. It is best to prepare a lesson based on related disciplines. These can be Russian and Ukrainian, Russian and English, Russian and literature. Although other options are possible. Especially it concerns the lessons of the development of coherent speech. During their conduct, you can simultaneously develop not only the communicative abilities of students, but also their aesthetic taste, knowledge from the field of musical art, artistic culture, literature, biology, geography.

Features of the use of methods and forms of training

В статье перечислена лишь часть форм проведения lessons and methods that are used in the educational process. In fact, there are many more. In addition, every teacher is first and foremost a creative person. He can not only competently use the existing methods of training, but also combine them, invent new ones.

The teacher can experience various techniques insearching for the very form of education that contributes to the achievement of ideal results. It is important not to stop in creative searches, to know all the information about current trends in the pedagogical field. It is necessary to understand that all methods (except those prohibited by law) are good, so long as the children take the good knowledge and skills of independent work out of school.

With the knowledge gained, they can easilyenroll in higher education. Just do not overdo it, because teachers often in search of creative forms of organizing lessons forget that not only entertainment is important at school, but also children's high-quality knowledge. Teachers should be qualified to choose the method and form of the lesson for each class separately.