/ / The main battles of the Northern War - turning points in the history of Russia and Europe

The main battles of the Northern War are turning points in the history of Russia and Europe

The Great Northern War of the early 18th century, inwhich involved many states of northern Europe, largely influenced the geopolitical situation and the further development of the entire continent. The main battles of the Northern War led to a painful defeat of the Swedish empire. The state, which ruled the ball in Scandinavia, the Baltic States and throughout northern Europe for centuries, will never regain its former power. Simultaneously, the main battles of the Northern War

the main battles of the northern war
led to an unprecedented rise of the empireRussian on the site of a sufficient local Moscow kingdom. As a result of this conflict and, of course, thanks to the policy of the first emperor of the Russian state, the country became stronger in the Baltic countries, the ports of the North Sea and for the first time acquired a powerful fleet. However, this conflict was not always successful for Moscow troops. Moreover, at the first stage the war was very successful for Sweden. But when did these turning points take place? Where did the main battle of the Northern War happen? The answers to this question can be very different. The confrontation dragged on for two whole decades - from 1700 to 1721. And we should highlight several battles that have had a major impact on the history of Russia, Europe and the whole world.

The main battles of the Northern War

the main battles of the northern war replies
Battle of Narva

This battle was the first significantcollision of Russian and Swedish armies. In August 1700, Charles XII forcibly forces Russia to surrender to Denmark and conclude peace with him. After this victory, the Swedish troops begin their march on the northern Russian fortress in Narva and in the middle of November they achieve victory. This defeat revealed the strong backwardness of the Russian state in the military and economic sense. The country was on the verge of conquest. However, the right conclusions drawn from this defeat helped the Russian leadership in a short time to recover from it.

The main battle of the Northern War

Where and when did it happen?For our country, such is, without doubt, the most famous battle of Poltava. By 1709, the Swedes were not only able to advance far to the south of the continent, but also removed from the war a number of Peter’s allies. First of all, we are talking about Saxony and Poland. The whole burden of confrontation with a powerful opponent fell on the shoulders of Russia. The Swedish campaign to the local lands began in the spring of 1708. Probably, it makes no sense to repeat once more what the battle of Poltava ended. Today every student knows this. But what is important, it became the turning point of the whole conflict, after which the Russian armies managed to transfer the theater of war from Ukraine to the Baltic States.

the main battle of the northern war where

Gangut battle

In 1714, the newborn Russian fleet won its first great victory at Cape Gangut. In fact, after this defeat, the offensive initiative forever goes to the armies of Peter.

Gregamsky fight

In 1720, the young Russian fleet wonanother great victory at the island of Gregam. Sweden, defeated earlier on land, and now with a defeated fleet, was forced to make peace. Thus, the main battles of the Northern War ultimately led to the so-called Nishtad Peace Treaty (after the name of the city where it was signed), which resulted in the withdrawal of the Baltic Sea coast from Riga to Vyborg in favor of Russia, which turned it into a maritime state.