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A brief biography of Leonardo da Vinci - genius of the Renaissance

Short biography of Leonardo da Vinci

This person is not only a symbol of the era,but also its greatest treasure and mystery. A short biography of Leonardo da Vinci is a life journey filled with enthusiastic work on a variety of projects. One of the most unique people of our planet, he was the greatest artist, sculptor, researcher, scientist, anatomist, engineer, chemist, philosopher, botanist, musician, poet ... Yes, what only the great Florentine did! And at the same time, I have made great strides in every field.

Biography of Leonardo da Vinci began in Italy 15April 1452 in a small town near Florence. About the mother only knows that she was a peasant woman, was not married and independently brought up her son until he was 4 years old. After that, Piero Vinci's father, a rather wealthy citizen, took him to his house. Leonardo received his primary education at home. Even then, the teachers noted the extraordinary abilities of the boy. For example, he wrote not only traditionally, but also from left to right in a mirror image. Leonardo worked equally as his right hand, and left.

A brief biography of Leonardo da Vinci tells,that in 1469 his father takes him with him to Florence, where he moves to permanent residence. There he studies as an artist, despite Pierrot's desire to make his son a notary. Already in 1472 he was admitted to the local guild of painters. This largely influenced the career development of the genius of the Renaissance. In 1481-1482, Leonardo worked with Lodovico Moro, the ruler of Milan, as the organizer of court festivals, and also - hydraulic engineers, architects and military engineers. Even then, he developed several projects for an ideal city, a central-domed temple.

short biography of da Vinci

A short biography of da Vinci is amazing andfascinating story about the search for truth, about the inquisitive mind of a scientist who saw the world through different eyes. It is a pity that his scientific studies were not claimed in his native Italy. Therefore, he responds with pleasure to the invitation of Francis I and goes to France to occupy the post of court painter there. With him he took a lot of his works, both finished and sketches. Many of them are now stored in the most prestigious museums of the world and private collections, causing excitement.

biography of leonardo da vinci

A short biography of Leonardo da Vinci tells,that he died on May 2, 1519, not far from Amboise, in the castle of Clos-Luce. He bequeathed all the acquired good to his students and friends, but he did not forget his relatives. In Italy, in one of the temples, he kept several hundred ducats, which were handed over to his brothers.

A short biography of Leonardo da Vinci can notto convey the full depth of the genius of the mind of this man. Contemporaries described him as a very attractive man, very thoughtful, eloquent and active. However, for all mankind, it remains a mystery: how can so many talents come together in one person? Some consider him a stranger from an extraterrestrial civilization, others - the inhabitant of a parallel world, and still others - a wanderer in time. However, whoever he is, he gave us his amazing masterpieces that people will always admire.