/ / The front garden is the calling card of the house

The front garden is the visiting card of the house

The front garden is a flower garden, the main purpose of which is home decoration. The front yard is able to show the plot from the most advantageous side.

Appointment of the front garden

The front garden is a small areain front of the house. It combines the functions of a flower garden, yard and garden. From the road it is separated by a special fence - palisade. With a tastefully decorated courtyard can become a hallmark of the house, because all the guests see this particular area.

The design of the green area in front of the house depends onits purpose. It can only be a picturesque area with several flower beds, borders and flower beds, and can be supplemented with fruit bushes and trees. Shrubs, in turn, can combine the performance of several tasks - decorative function, fruit, hedge.

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Features of front gardens and their types

The overall design of the front garden is influenced by such nuances as traffic intensity, structure and specificity of the site, as well as the relief of the territory.

Палисадники перед домом различаются по степени openness. The choice between open and closed type is often determined by external factors. The front garden, turned inward, will protect from noise and dirt of a busy road. Oriented to the outside is recommended to make areas of small size, and large areas should be diluted with decorative barriers.

According to the rules of landscape design, an option with an open front garden should look perfect - clipped lawns, flawless flower beds, and clear lines of green hedges.

In a closed version, the front garden is a flower garden in front of the house, pleasing those who will contemplate it from the porch or from the windows of the house. Courtyards of this type are designed to decorate the inner territory of the estate.

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Front Garden Plants

Plants in the front garden perform important functions:decorate the yard, a positive effect on the soil and bear fruit. Landing should be planned so that the plot near the house was always elegant, regardless of the weather and season.

Сочетаемость растений - это важное правило garden art. To decorate the area should pick up flowering plants, which, replacing each other, will delight the eye all summer. The ephedra will look great in winter.

The exterior is well decorated with tall perennials andneatly trimmed bushes. It looks good enclosed space, along the perimeter of which a low shrub is planted. Flowers in the front garden on the background of foliage look great.

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How to start making a front garden

Очень важно, чтобы палисадник сочетался по стилю and character with the house, for that is what gives a sense of harmony. If it is important that the orientation of the green part of the courtyard is aimed at a passer-by, install a decorative fence.

Front garden dimensions must not exceed halfthe height of the building. Plants planted near the walls of the house can only cover the upper part of the foundation. Beautiful flowers will look great in pots and flowerpots on the porch or terrace, all kinds of climbing vines - this method will help to unite the space of the flower garden and the building. To achieve the attractiveness of the image, try experimenting with different garden style techniques.

Work on the design of the front garden consists of several stages:

  • project development;
  • selection of green spaces;
  • installation of decorative elements.

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The selection of plants is an essential part of the front garden design. Flowers and ornamental shrubs perform the main aesthetic function.

Looks great evergreen thuja,juniper near the walls and deaf fences, leafy bushes are planted to them in a row to give a transparency effect. Perennial plants are planted under the shrub, the space between them is filled with annual flowers and ground cover.

It is necessary to find an individual combination for your front garden, so that the uniqueness of the image attracts the views of the guests and pleases the hosts.

The spelling of the word "front garden"

Many people have a logical question - how is the front garden spelled correctly? The test word is not one. It is worth more to consider the spelling of unstressed vowels.

In order for the word "front garden" to be written correctly, it is necessary to define verbal images:

  • the garden is a front garden;
  • flower garden - front garden.

In these words, the doubtful letter is under the stress.

Also the interpretation of the part of "Pali" is incorrect.Greek poly (a lot) is not involved here, so replacing the unstressed vowel "a" with "o" in the first syllable is wrong. To exclude errors, it is enough to understand the etymology. The Latin palus - “pointed stick” - is at the heart of the word “front garden”. Check word found. It will always help in a situation where there are doubts with spelling.

The front garden is a business card not only at home, but alsohomeowner. Well-groomed flower beds, paths, lawns will confirm that the owner is a hardworking person. Launched flower beds and the space in front of the house cause negative emotions among passers-by and guests.