/ / The mediocre is incompetent, incapable. Antonyms to the word "mediocre"

The mediocre is untalented, incapable. Antonyms to the word "mediocre"

The mediocre is an adjective that is used in relation to the ordinary person. Synonyms and examples of the use of this word are given in the article.


Composition and meaning of a word

Bezalanny is, according to Ozhegov's dictionary, "devoid of talent." The word consists of the following elements:

  1. Prefixes "demon".
  2. The root is "talent".
  3. The suffix "n".
  4. Endings are "th".

Root words

The mediocre is an adjective. Root words: untalented, mediocre. Examples:

  1. Bezalannost women, according to one of the ancient sages, is her virtue.
  2. On literary evenings, they mediocre read poetry of the great poet.


Bezalanny - a word to which you can select several concepts that are close in meaning. For example: incompetent, incompetent, unintelligent, inept, untalented, unsuccessful.

This adjective, as a rule, is used forrelation to man. But sometimes it is applied to an inanimate object. Synonyms are in some cases such words as "graphomaniac", "handicraft". Examples:

  1. This book is a sample graphomaniac (mediocre) prose.
  2. He completely devoted himself to painting and did not tolerate handicraft (untalented) approach to art.

the meaning of the word mediocre


Bezalanny is a word used forrelation to a person who does not have the ability or skill in any field of activity. The antonyms to this adjective are present in the examples below.

  1. On stage, the prelude was performed by a very young, but very talented pianist.
  2. He was one of the most able pupils.
  3. Daring there are not many poets today.
  4. Gifted the artist does not stop his creative movement.

Examples in the literature

About stupidity and mediocrity by writers and philosopherssaid a lot. Emil Meek asserted that the lack of talent for a man is forgiven more easily than having a gift. Gustave Flaubert once said that mediocrity is a trait, which consists in striving to draw conclusions.